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  1. Thank you David and Stuart, your examples really made me understand! So only when I change my distance to the subject, then the distortion will change right? And as you say, to match frames between a full frame to S35, the only thing to do is changing the focal length, so what are the benefits of using a full frame sensor? Why movies like 1917 and the revenant chose larger sensors? Is it a different look? I guess the only advantage for me, is if I'm shooting in a small space like a car, than a full frame sensor will give me the option to go wider in terms of frame size i
  2. Thank you a lot for sharing! great info! Yeah I've seen Filmtools insert slate but isn't it weird it doesn't have a clapper? I know a lot of inserts are MOS but sometime you do need sound.
  3. Thanks Satsuki, Why would you need a hard one and also a soft one, isn't the soft one good enough? On what situations would you use each one? I have another question a bit of topic, do you guys have a recommendation to an insert slate? (I'm still 2nd AC most of the time and I need one)...
  4. Thanks everyone, I think I thought it does matter, when I've heard Roger Deaking interview about 1917, there he said he liked shooting in the alexa mini LF - "I love the LF format, because you can shoot a close up on a 40, and it doesn't have the distorion of a 35 or 32." So I'm a bit confused haha, can somoene explain what Roger means by that? And also thanlks Abdul for the episode
  5. Well, I can. But a lot of wide lenses have a bowing affect I would like to avoid, if you have a recommendation for a budget cine wide prime without bowing that will be great
  6. Hey everyone, I'm just starting out working on a pre production of a new shirt film, which all be shot in a car. I was thinking shooting with a full frame camera because of how small the space is. The thing is, right now in the market there are not a lot of cinema full frame cameras and the ones who do exist are a bit out of our budget. Do anyone know if there is a good and possible way to make a super 35 camera - full frame? Or at least wider? And also, if somebody have exprience shooting inside cars as well, I would love to hear from your experiences. Thanks eve
  7. Thank you! I will try and ask bright tangerine. Christopher, can you recommend me a hard or cloth measure tape?
  8. Hi everyone, It's my first post here. I'm a 2nd AC now for almost 2 years, and I'm starting to work as a 1st AC in small projects. I have a question about measuring tape, can someone recommend me a good cloth measure tape? Also, in the same topic - do you guys even think I should have one for pulling? I've worked with many young focus pullers who all worked through monitors but I've also worked with senior focus pullers who still likes to measure everything, I know they still work that way because that's what they are used to. I was thinking as a new 1st AC, that it will be bette
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