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  1. Hello colleagues. Since for some reason I can’t write about it in books topic, I will write it here. I apologize if I violated something. I am interested in literature about optics. Specifically defined science based topics with formulas and blueprints e.t.c. I would be very grateful to you if you could tell me what literature you used. Topic are: Topic 1. Fundamentals of Geometric Optics Topic 2. Ideal optical system and its properties Topic 3. Details of optical systems Topic 4. Beam limitation in optical systems and image illumination in the center and at the edge Topic 5. Optical transmission coefficient Topic 6. Depth of field Topic 7. Optical aberrations Topic 8 Assessment of the quality of the optical image of the lens Topic 9. Principles of the structure and operation of optical systems, formation and perception of the image Topic 10. The eye as an optical device Topic 11. Photographic lenses Topic 12. Basic parameters and properties of film lenses Topic 13. Influence of lens technical parameters on image performance Topic 14. Telephoto lenses. Varifocal Lenses Topic 15. Anamorphic optical systems Topic 16. Optics of television and video equipment
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