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  1. Thanks a bunch for confirming my thoughts on contrast filters, David. I've definitely seen that tell-tale speckling / patterning in bokeh before -- watching films/shows has never been the same ever since I got into shooting with adapted vintage lenses, hehe. Mark - do you recall what old process lens it was? Did it give you something like this 'double-bubble bokeh' I'm looking for?
  2. Good thinking Phil, here's my first attempt at getting a similar look with that approach. I masked out an old Tiffen Haze-1 filter with a bullseye-ish pattern meant to mimic the background bokeh of the Terminator scene. I just used a Sharpie but being semi-transperent it may be better to use something like paper as you'd suggest. I shot this scene with my Tamron 52BB 90/2.5 with the filter attached. For reference, these are screws for desktop PC internals lit with a single light source. The background blur is fairly close. The Tamron 52BB has very good bokeh on its own (it's e
  3. Thanks for your responses, guys! David, that would make sense. I take it Tiffen Low-Cons work like most other contrast reducing filters then, i.e. scattering some light as opposed to introducing spherical aberrations, such that they are not to blame for the bokeh structure? Stephen, thanks for your suggestion. Mirror lenses certainly have distinctive bokeh and it's fun to try to use it artfully sometimes. It's possible to use a clear filter with the center blacked out to get a similar look with any lens - attached is what a Tamron 90/2.5 macro does with such a filter in use:
  4. Hello cinematographers! First post; happy to be here. I'll be jumping right in. I recently rewatched The Terminator (1984). According to IMDB the movie was filmed on 5293 film stock with ARRI 35BL and Mitchell 35R3 cameras that were each equipped with Zeiss Super Speed lenses. But a particular scene (the repair scene) caught my eye because of its distinctive double-bubble bokeh that I don't believe could have been created by any of the Super Speeds, at least by themselves: There is only one lens that I know of that produces bokeh that's at least extremely similar if not ident
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