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  1. Hi I’m looking for a used 2 axis remote head that has 30-50lbs payload capability with hand wheels controller. Can be something like Talon Jr head. I’m located in Bangkok, Thailand.
  2. Hi all, I’d like to know when did the ARRIHEAD 1 come out? I knew that they were only for rental back in the day. Most of the ARRIHEAD 1 can be found as a 2nd hand nowadays. just wanna know the history of it. I looked around and didn’t get any info. Thanks in advance guys Koon.
  3. Thanks Uli but I’m looking for the mk1 mk2 is a little steep for my pocket at the moment.
  4. Hi I’m looking for an Arrihead mk1. Anyone here has one for sale? I’m located in Bangkok, Thailand. Willing to cover the shipping. Reach me at Steadiwy@aol.com Best Koon W. Ya-inta IG @Koon_cine
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