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  1. Pics of housings here: https://imgur.com/a/yu8tnXk More glass pics and measurements: https://imgur.com/a/XgxpT6Q
  2. Selling some very clean front anamorphic optics from square front Lomos 35mm Cylinder set - element 1, Element 2, Element 3+4 doublet nice glass in good shape ($5000) 50/75mm Cylinder set - element 1+2 doublet, element 3+4 doublet minor chip on back side (from factory) completely outside of the non optical portion of the glass block ($5000) Can include the original lomo metal work from the front housing in poor condition available for $500 each This is just front anamorphic glass, no spherical parts, great for replacements. Located in Los Angeles. Pics here https://imgur.com/a/S1pkONb
  3. Kish 16mm UDF in B4 mount specially made for Clairmont back in the Benjamin Button days. Kish can convert this to PL for s16 DVF use if you can track him down or P+S can do it if you're in Europe. You can even fully upgrade it to s35 and even add the anamorphic module as these were made completely modular. Great condition probably only used a couple times. Comes with a very nice also barely used Innerspace fitted case. More pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/fnhAQeE Asking $1200
  4. These are great designs. I'm glad someone is actively and thoughtfully putting together solutions to help clean up modern builds for these cameras. Very much looking forward to these being available and to see your progress with the non IVS handle solution. I think the side plates would also be perfect for the prisms with the optical elbow needed for a lot of the better HD taps for these cameras.
  5. Hey Marc, I've always been curious about this set up on film I'm glad you've posted about it. The Abakus adapter will clear the mirror on an SR3 correct? Any mounting issues with the lenses onto the adapter? Do you happen to have any samples of them used on film?
  6. Hey Bryant! I've tested the Lindsey Optics one and the Optica Magnus ones. Both seem to be pretty early in the production stages and both need a little tweaking to be great finders. Actually both manufacturers told me they are continuously making adjustments to the designs so I would wait a bit to buy one until they make tweaks. The Lindsey one felt best in the hand but lacks anamorphic support. The Optica Magnus one gets a little awkward in the hands with bigger lenses due to the center of gravity with the handle but is the better designed imo. It is designed by Kish so that should tell you the quality and level of support you'll get with that one. They have a very interesting frame line generator and system which would allow for custom frame lines without having to buy different glass or pay to get it redrawn all the time. The Denz looks hilarious and I can't imagine it's very light. The problem any of these have failed to account for is that they are big and heavy and the bigger lenses like Signatures and S7s feel extremely cumbersome in these finders. At that point I'd rather throw the camera on my shoulder and see the shot through the evf.
  7. Clairmont ISCO 140-420mm T2.7 Lens Photos: https://imgur.com/a/wpEVYS7 This beast is a custom made lens from Clairmont manufactured by ISCO Germany before they were bought by Schneider around the same time they were making optics for NASA. It was made to compete with the Panavision SLZ3 and Hawk 150-450 and in the little booklet of literature it claims to be a TRUE T2.7 all the way through and claims the SLZ3 or Hawk wasn't. In reality the lens ramps just a touch at the long end. It covers full frame all modes on the Venice and cuts the corners just a touch on Alexa LF OG. 4.5K 2:39 and UHD 16:9 looks great on the LF. Can take 58mm internal filters to get extra ND otherwise 6x6 clip on matteboxes can be used. It is a very nice performing lens with neutral tones and a beautiful look. There is zero focus breathing and it is 100% parfocal. Zero distortion through the range, unlike the Angenieux 12x. It holds light on bright edges amazingly and is an extremely high performing lens. Close focus is about 10'6". There's no lens (prime or zoom) in this range that performs better than this lens. It is a very large lens weighing about 43 lbs and about 55lbs with the included custom Ronford Baker unified support plate that supports the lens and camera on the same platform for the best possible support. The lens has fully geared iris, focus, zoom. It doesn't have a focus collar but has rod mounts on the plate for motors. Focus throw is about 340º. Zoom and focus is surprisingly light so you won't need crazy strong motors or anything. There is a fluid zoom drive built onto the lens for added protection against gravitational zoom drift and shipping. It is in great shape with minimal cosmetic flaws, only light coating marks etc from use. Focuses and zooms very smooth especially considering how much glass you're moving. Was serviced by Keslow until sold off. It's properly collimated and hits its marks through the range. Image is phenomenal it performs incredibly. Way less distortion than Angenieux 12:1, in fact it has virtually no distortion. Nice colors with medium contrast and nice flares if you hit it directly. Otherwise it controls flares nicely. No light bleed on hard edges, almost no chromatic aberration, doesn't breathe at all. An incredibly well performing lens and extremely rare -- I believe there are maybe 4 in existence. Extremely high quality German engineered optics available for sale for the first time ever. It comes with a custom lens support made by Ronford Baker that supports the camera and lens on a unifying plate, caps, and a custom case for the lens. Lens is about 43lbs and needs a 2575 or 120ex to balance properly. Perfect for stage performances and night shoots. Tests can be arranged in Los Angeles In person pick up preferred but can ship for actual cost via FedEx Sample on LF Mini: Shots with lens at (5:14) (12:07) (15:29) (18:16) (26:27) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5tPMWj3Yno Tests on Mini LF: https://youtu.be/xrqqOcC7osw https://youtu.be/LDMaO8psaXw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdIi...ature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vffb...ature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkqJ...ature=youtu.be Asking $25,000 open to some offers
  8. Hey Felipe, What would you sell the super speeds and optex lenses for?
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