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  1. Hello, I have a V-Lock mount adapter for SR3 and other 24V cameras for sale. The adapter allows you to run your 24V camera and accessories via normal 14V V-Lock battery and upscale the electricity to 24V. There is also 1xD-Tap connection in the adapter that output a stabilised 14V power for your accessories such as D-Tap splitter, Teradek, etc. This adapter attaches via 19mm or 15mm rods (rod clamp included). Send me an email to info@fabioolgiati.com for pictures and pricing. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I'm looking for an original Arri Arriflex SR3 Raincover. Please DM me or send me an email at info@fabioolgiati.com if you have one to sell. Thank you. Best Fabio
  3. Hello, I'm selling various accessories for Arriflex SR3: • Original IVS + VideoTap Handle • 1.78 Groundglass • 3x Modern 24V batteries + Charger • Metallic Cases Protex UK (different dimensions) London UK pickup preferred but can post it at customer's expenses. Write me an email at info@fabioolgiati.com for prices and further informations. Thank you Fabio
  4. Hello, Looking to buy a Sekonic L-758 Cine in London UK. If you have one in the area DM me. Thank you! Best Fabio
  5. Hello everybody, Hope you're all safe and well! I'm selling 3x Modern 24V Batteries for Arriflex SR3 camera + Multi Charger. Batteries are Branded Cine60 and made in Germany! They have led status test indicator on the top and magnet on the rear that attaches to the SR3 magazines. Those batteries are much smaller then the original ones, similar form factor but made of hard plastic and modern design. I'm open to discuss a reasonable price for the full kit. For pictures and infos write me here or on my email: info@fabioolgiati.com London pickup preferred but can
  6. Hi Gregory, Is this still available? If yes please contact me: info@fabioolgiati.com Thank you
  7. Hi everybody, I'm in the hunt for an Arriflex 16SR3 (longshot I know)... I'm looking to buy one in the UK. Please let me know if you know somebody that is considering selling it. Thank you Fabio Olgiati info@fabioolgiati.com
  8. Looking to buy an Arri SR3 Advanced HighSpeed in the UK. If you have one to sell please drop me an email: info@fabioolgiati.com Thank you! Fabio
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