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  1. Selling a rare mint example of (Zeiss) Ultrascope Anamorphic 50mm T2. This is a perfectly kept MINT vintage anamorphic from the 50s, designed by the legend Jan Jacobsen, smooth focus and iris, fast aperture. Base lens is Zeiss standard speed. Mount is Arri-S (Arri standard mount). Square front anamorphic. Can be rehoused (more infos via DMs). Pictures on request. Some example of footage from the guys at Visual Products: https://vimeo.com/310163880/34b5d77289 Thanks
  2. Hi, As for title, looking to buy Zeiss Ultrascope lenses, preferably in the UK. Not in a rush for that, happy to discuss reasonable prices. Glass must be in good condition. Thank you
  3. Hi everybody, hope you're doing fine out there! Anybody selling a Preston HU3 (and possibly other bits) in the UK? Happy to discuss price: info@fabioolgiati.com Thank you!
  4. Hello, I'm looking to buy a good condition super16 Zeiss Superspeed MKII 25mm T1.3 triangular aperture, possibly in the UK. Eventually the 50mm too, but not in a rush for that unless it's a very good deal. Let me know if you have the 25mm and want to sell. Thank you Fabio info@fabioolgiati.com
  5. Hello, I have a V-Lock mount adapter for SR3 and other 24V cameras for sale. The adapter allows you to run your 24V camera and accessories via normal 14V V-Lock battery and upscale the electricity to 24V. There is also 1xD-Tap connection in the adapter that output a stabilised 14V power for your accessories such as D-Tap splitter, Teradek, etc. This adapter attaches via 19mm or 15mm rods (rod clamp included). Send me an email to info@fabioolgiati.com for pictures and pricing. Thank you!
  6. Hello, I'm looking for an original Arri Arriflex SR3 Raincover. Please DM me or send me an email at info@fabioolgiati.com if you have one to sell. Thank you. Best Fabio
  7. Hello, I'm selling various accessories for Arriflex SR3: • Original IVS + VideoTap Handle • 1.78 Groundglass • 3x Modern 24V batteries + Charger • Metallic Cases Protex UK (different dimensions) London UK pickup preferred but can post it at customer's expenses. Write me an email at info@fabioolgiati.com for prices and further informations. Thank you Fabio
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