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  1. hi all, i would like to ask a question. i just bought a used sony f55 from mpb.com and just setting up the camera through the menu. the camera switched on the fan after about 10min and keeps on running since then, altough i am just klicking through the menu and not shooting!? is this normal? even when i switch off the camera and wait for a couple of minutes, then switch it on again, the fan will start immediately. right now i enabled the following: fan control_off in rec so when i record the fan actually stops. when not recording, the fan runs when i enabled 'fan control off', also when i just go through the menu. the fan keeps on switching on and off, when i enable 'auto' or 'minimum'. the camera also gets slightly warm, but i am not acutally operating it in terms of recording. i wanted to ask if anybody has some experience with the camera, and if this is a normal behaviour? or does it sound like there might be an issue? also would you recommend switching the camera off while not recording for a while, and then switching it back on again when ready? thank you, david ps.: the camera doesn't have the raw recorder attached at the back
  2. hi phil, thanks for your reply. no it doesn't have to be idx, just thought they're top of the game. if you have any you'd sell please let me know. if you send me your phone number i'll write you a text on whatsapp or chat? my number is 07340936810 thanks so much X d
  3. hey there, looking to buy 2 x idx batteries i can travel with and wanted to ask if anybody is selling any used ones? unfortunately my budget won't allow to get 2 new ones right now. please let me know if you know of anybody selling some. many thanks, david
  4. yeah you're right phil, i only started considering that today cause a friend of mine also mentioned that today. there is a fair amount of adapters to fz mount tbh, but didn't come across any pentax k to fz. just looking into options for getting old photo lenses to shoot with.... thx
  5. good to know thanks. the camera is a sony f55. thx
  6. anybody has and idea if its possible to get from pk mount to pl mount?
  7. oh, got that one completely wrong initially then which f stops you were reading. thanks for explaining again though
  8. thanks david, we managed to get all the film we needed and shot on the 22nd. looking forward to the results, thanks
  9. thanks for sending the still of your film, looks great. and yeah pretty good that it still works when reading f7 but shooting on f2. also interesting what you say about pushing the 200T and the differences to the 500T, will keep that in mind. cheers
  10. thanks for letting me know david, i didn't look at that like this before. definitely good to know
  11. hi there, i am about to shoot a short film and unfortunately the kodak vision3 500T, which i intended to use, is sold out in london. as the 200T is still available, i am thinking about using this one. there are quite a few low light situations within this film, so probably would need to push the film. thats why i wanted to ask if anybody has experience in which direction the film will change in regards to contrast, saturation, grain and the look in general? how does it change pushing +1stop and +2stop? would be great to get some advice on that. thanks so much, david
  12. thanks so much @Patrick Quesnel and @Giray Izcan for sharing your experiences with the cameras, really helpful. to be honest, i tend more to the sony but will still do some more research before i finally decide for one or the other. thanks
  13. hey all, i am quite new to the game, and i am about to buy my first camera setup. therefore i am considering to buy either a used sony f55 or a canon c300 mark ii, as of their afforadability right now and quality they deliver. in the last weeks i've read lots about these two cameras and others, and still not really sure which one to go for!? i've read in other posts that decisions which camera to go for is often determined by the productions you mainly work for. in my case thats not really the case, as there are no real requirements from my clients side regarding this. what i would like to be able to do with this camera is having a decent camera for local productions, but also and mainly, a camera i can travel with and shoot documentary content handheld as a single operator. so factors which are important for me and which would influence my decision which camera to go for are: - skin tones resp colour science of the sensor, resp general quality of the sensor and dynamic range and low light capabilities - internal recording quality/codecs (as i primarily will shoot without an external recorder) - general power consumption (i know that probably depends lots on which codec one shoots, but would be just interested how many v-lock batteries one would recommend for travelling) - ergonomics (i've shot with the c300 mark ii shoulder mounted once and wasn't too happy, but also think i didn't necesarily balance it well) i am sure there are other factors to consider which i am probably not aware of. i would be more then happy if i could get some advice resp recommendations on which camera to go for. many thanks david
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