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  1. Hey, Broad one but did this ever come out and anyone have any experience or have one? Thanks
  2. Ok, if it’s Kinor housing type I’m interested. Do you have pics? Thanks
  3. Just checking is this 2 receivers, as per the text? Am interested in the item.
  4. Thanks Ralph, glad that your liking it. And more than happy to share what we are up to. Jeremy
  5. Hey, I shot this with Jordan and more than happy to share any specifics. But as discussed was all Super 16. Mostly Ultra 16 lenses and then a lot of vaseline and paint on an optical flat and I think Smoque. We used different glass objects in front of the lens and a Optex Excellence with the B4 back end and a Abakus B4 to Super 16 adapter for the trick shots which were all practical. Lighting was usually a Mole Beam with a 6k HMI bounced for ambience. Then T2 and T5 units. K Flect mirrors and loads of flags and blacks. We even used shutters for the lightning stuff. There is a hidden shot on digital (RED Dragon) but this was just for the off speed. All pretty old school. Jordan is a lot of fun to work with and Arthur the set designer helped us pull it all off on a relative shoe string. Hope that helps, Jeremy
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