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  1. Is there a more modern c-mount zoom lens out there that people like that works well with Super 16 Bolex Reflex cameras? I'm looking for something not as big and heavy as the Vario Switar 18-86 f/2.5...
  2. Same question for me, but I have a Reflex camera serial number 136500. I don't see any screws on the viewfinder cover....?
  3. Okay, I got braver and used some pliers to turn it 90 degrees. That did the trick.
  4. I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I got a CLOHE cable release adapter for my REX-4. It fits into the M-STOP-P channel just right, and I can operate the plunger and make the camera go, but what stops it from falling off the camera? Is my eBay purchase missing a part? EDIT: Okay, does the top piece with the slot turn 90 degrees to hold it in? Very tight on my camera...
  5. I think ProCam can do it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  6. I just got a Kern Switar 16mm RX lens. When I turn the focus ring it binds in one particular spot, right around the 9 inch mark to the 1 ft mark. It's not enough to impact functionality, I can easily turn through it, but it does bug me. Any suggestions? Where do people go to look at their Kern Switar lenses?
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    Just getting started in the world of Bolex, and I've enjoyed reading all of your posts! Incredibly valuable. As a heads up, I have a "Want To Buy" over in the marketplace... Chris.
  8. The perfect tool for my next project Looking forward to your direct message, Chris
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