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  1. I’m selling a set of five Zeiss High Speed S16 MK3 (9.5/12/16/25/50) in beautiful working condition, with zero mechanical play, privately owned and well preserved. The glass across all the set is pristine, with spotless coatings, and the housings look very nice, with paint loss limited to just a few points mostly close to the “Arriflex Super 16” engraving (on the 9.5, 25 and 50). You’ll also see a bit the usual slight discolouration on the gears and where the matte box meets the housing - but the scales are clean, clearly readable, and the focus rings have no play. I’ve used them with ease, but you might want to consider applying new grease on the 9.5 as it feels a bit dryer that the others, which are very smooth. The asking price is 20.000€ + shipping and the desired payment option would be PayPal (Goods & Services). The lenses are located in Northern Italy and I’m willing to ship them worldwide, but I would also consider delivering them in person to EU buyers.
  2. Yes, I recall he auctioned a couple of 2C bodies (2-perf / PL mount) from his Instagram stories a few months ago. I think they were sold at around 5 or 6K eur each, but I could be mistaken. Unfortunately there was no info on who bought them.
  3. Hi Uli, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I don't have any direct experience (or affiliation) with Daniil Nevski, I just noticed his work online and it looks pretty serious. But then again, I haven't had any chance to test it. I apologise for not stating it earlier :((
  4. Is anybody out there still active in the business of converting Kinor 35 cameras to 2-perf? Any hints would be very welcome.
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