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  1. Hy, I`m new to filming / editing. I have Canon EOS80D camera with Canon EF-S 18-55is lens and Ronin SC gimbal. I edit my footage in Premiere Pro 2019 My goal is to shoot car cinematics, I had been practicing for a while and I have a problem with juddering video after I slow it down. I know that in order to avoid juddering when panning in 24FPS I need to move camera with right speed, however 60FPS is much more forgivable. I`ve learned from youtube tutorial that it`s better to use 60FPS when car is not moving, but it`s better to use 24FPS (1/50 shutter speed) when driving to have this cinematic feel. So I filmed stationary car, doing some panning, close ups, etc... in 60FPS 1/120 shutter speed and it looks good as it is. Then I edited everything in premiere and exported the video in 24FPS and 60FPS 1080p. The 24FPS video is unusable, it judders the whole time. No problem I can film 60FPS and 24FPS for moving scene and export everything in 60FPS. But the video that I exported at 60FPS still has some juddering to it in the panning scenes that I slowed down to 40% or a bit higher. I didn`t go below 40%. It`s not missing frames (lagging) like it would if I would slow it down too much, it just judders. I know the obvious solution would be to move camera slower so I would not need to slow the video down as much , but I have a problem with shaky hands, even a gimbal, inbuilt lens stabilization and warp stabilizer in premiere can`t fix. So I rather shoot a bit faster and slow the footage down, that helps alot. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you
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