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  1. Want to buy Geminis 1x1 Gemini 2x1 750W Source 4 Litemat 4 Litemat 2L Chauvet DJ Hurricane 4D Haze Machine Rosco V-Hazer DM please thank you
  2. hello Has anyone have any review on the 2403 monitor? I was wondering if it’s worth upgrade to it from a 1703? I’ve heard the viewing angle and the color accuracy is pretty bad compared to the 1703. But I was also wondering if any of you have good things about it? thanks!
  3. Want to buy (used) Smallhd 703 Bolt 500 Teradek Bolt 500 Bright Tangerine 4x5.6 mattebox HBM 4x5.6 filter set Pro Mist 4x5.6 filter set 4x5.6 IRND filter set 4x5.6 Glimmerglass filter 4x5.6 soft contrast filter Text 385-221-5038 thanks!
  4. This might be a very dump question to a lot of you... can you spot the difference between in-camera zoom and post zoom? and how? thanks
  5. Hey guys! I wanted to slowly collect a set of mod Leica R for personal uses started with the 35mm F1.4! If anyone has any lead that would be great as welL! thank you:)
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