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  1. I'm selling a Rare and Exc. CARL ZEISS JENA Lens set Made in GDR, its in excellent condition,They covers full frame sensor,made for 35 SLR camera, so it can be use on 35 mm film or digital cameras or full frame cameras, Glasses are perfect, no haze, no fungs, no dust inside. Aperture blades clear, soft and moving without clicking, They are made with the highest German quality, very sharp image quality, very nice bokeh, and contrasting drawing. All the glasses are free of scratches, without haze fungus, minimal dust may have, All of them are professionally adapted to ARRI PL mount cameras, cl
  2. CAMERA Arri Alexa Classic EV with PL mount High Speed License Top Handle Shoulder Pad Bridge Plate BP-13 (19mm Studio) Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-1 Leveling Block LB-1 24 inch Dovetail 18 inch steel rods (19mm) EVF-1 + Extension 12-inch EVF Cable 2-Pin Lemo to 4x D-tap cable Time Code Cable MEDIA 3 64GB SxS cards 1 128GB SxS cards SxS Card reader USB 3.0 POWER 4 Anton Bauer Dionic HCx Battery LIKE NEW Anton Bauer Quad Charger (only used 3 times!) Shark Fin (for hot-swapping batteries) Alexa AC Power Adaptor + XLR Power Cable Extension (2
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