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  1. Thank you! So far, I'm very glad about my decision to challenge myself on a monthly basis. I highly recommend it, I've already learned so much! You're right, I used my BMPCC4K with the Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 and the Canon FD 50mm 1.4. The 50mm on my camera gives me a focal length of 100mm. It's a great addition to the wide 18-35mm (30-60mm with the Viltrox Speedbooster) The key light was lit by two GVM 480 LS panels shining through diffusion. In the back is a practical light, both lights were set to 3200K. The grade consists of small adjustments of exposure and color balance. I
  2. Hey, Today is the day. After many hours of preparation, shooting, editing and sound design, I can finally show you what I was working on for the last 31 days. It is not long and structurally complex but It has taught me a lot about filmmaking. This blog is available as a weekly newsletter. The newsletter will contain exclusive content like scripts, storyboards, inspiration, behind the scenes and more! My newsletter is available here. Please consider subscribing, thanks! My lessons for this month: Editing is crucial (It takes time to feel the rhythm) Don’t
  3. It did not look as blue as it is now. I tried to color-grade it that way to shape the look of it. Regarding your picture: That's a very nice and moody look (and almost the same jacket I think :D). What was this shoot for?
  4. After feeling uninspired with my footage I shot around my city, it was time for a spontaneous trip with my childhood buddy. It was a 60-minute drive into the small mountain range in northern Bavaria. Immediately, after letting the last village behind us, the fog got thicker and thicker. We found a nice spot to park and went into the forest. It was beautiful. I just wanted to shoot some footage for my portfolio, but this short sequence came out of it. The footage was color-graded with Filmconvert Nitrate and small adjustments I made. It looked pretty fantastic right out of the box! I haven't re
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