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  1. I've YouTubed this topic and found mostly super long (24+ minutes) or too fast videos or ones where they spend most of the time reviewing the gimbal. I'm looking for a well produced shorter video (less than 15 minutes) re: all the steps in assembling this gimbal. There are pieces you need to set at certain specs (1.3, 3, etc.) which are glossed over in the videos. Has anyone found a good video for a newbie to watch so they can start using this gimbal? Thank you.
  2. Hi my esteemed listmates, I need to video record our videos using a Canon EOS DSLR. Has anyone on the list used a Canon DSLR or any DSLR to video record? I'm trying to ascertain the correct (best) settings to choose. Thank you!
  3. Hi my esteemed mates, Hope you're all well. I'm having to do a last minute shoot indoors with a Canon DSLR. I have excellent lights to set up which I've done but I'm not sure re: camera settings. I'd so appreciate your thoughts/suggestions for the camera settings. 1. Make sure battery (fully-powered) and SD card are inserted 2. Turn Dial to Film Camera icon 3. Power Camera on 4. Press Menu button – Movie Exposure – Set it ti Automatically 5. Press AF button (to proceed through all Menu options) now choose Movie Rec. Size 1920 x 1080 6. Press AF button - Exposure Comp -12 ...1..0 (1st choice) 7. Press AF button - Image Quality weird symbol next to the letter “L:”(1st choice) Image Review - 2 seconds 8. Press AF button Protect Images 1st choice) 9. Press AF button Histogram disp - Brightness - Ctrl over HDMI – Disable – other adjustments I should make? 10. Press AF button Auto Power Odd – 30 seconds File Numbering – continuous- other adjustments I should make? 11. Press AF button - LCD Brightness – set at middle setting - Guide - Enable - other adjustments I should make? Thank you so kindly!
  4. Hi All, I've found in many YT tutorials characters ("words") appear tiny in the videos. Ex. Watching a YT tutorial in how to use software the functions (e.g. File or Inspector, et.c) appear too tiny to see. I've emailed the content creators and they assert they've exported/rendered their YT tutorial in 1080p but it appears in 360p when viewed either online or if downloaded to my PC. I understand YT compresses the videos to .mp4 (if not uploaded as an. mp4) but compression should have little to doe with how large characters appear in videos. Can anyone please share an example of a video (YouTube or otherwise) where the characters (words) appear large enough to be easily readable? If so, what specs or techniques did that content creator use to ensure the characters/words appear easily readable? Thank you.
  5. I want to visually teach others basic and intermediate computers skills at the public library. Most YouTube videos (despite being saved in 1080p high resolution and uploaded to YT as such) appear with characters (“words”) on screen tiny and/or illegible. I want to ensure the characters (words) in my instructional videos appear clear and large enough for most viewers (think Tahoma 12 in Libre Writer or Word.) What steps can I take to ensure the characters on screen are clear and large enough in my video tutorials? Since YT compacts the videos, are there additional steps I can take to compensate for that YT compression? Thank you.
  6. Hi All, My apologies if this isn't the proper forum for a discussion re: specs for a mobile workstation to video edit with DaVinci Resolve. After reading many articles, blog posts, reviews I've distilled down the specs I think would be both robust but without busting a modest budget. I'm grappling with various NVIDIA graphics cards. The NVIDIA Geoforce RTX 2080Ti seems very powerful but I've read that GPU can generate a lot of heat (a significant threat to laptops - mobile workstations) and is very pricey. The Th$e NVIDIA Geoforce RTX 2080 seems like a viable alternative to the 2080Ti but it pushes the price of the mobile workstation beyond $5,000. So, it would seem, the The NVIDIA Geoforce RTX 2070 would be a good option. It seems it's about 25% slower than the RTX 2080Ti but keeps the price for the mobile workstation under $4,000. I'm coupling that GPU with an iCore 9 (10th generation) CPU, 32GB RAM and a 512GB SSD hard drive. I've got 2 TB external hard drive we can render to and save on so a larger SSD isn't needed and BlackMagic lists 16GB RAM as sufficient so 32GB seems to do the trick for running other programs (e.g. graphics, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) while DaVinci Resolve is rendering which seems to tax the GPU and CPU most. We need mobility as we use space to video record where a desktop could be situated instead of a mobile workstation (laptop). I'd so appreciate others' experiences, thoughts and suggestions. Thank you so much.
  7. Hi All, My apologies if I've chosen the incorrect forum to post this on. I have an Android Cell phone and PC laptop. I'd like to use either or both for on-camera talent. It's challenging finding objective and thorough reviews of apps and software so I turn to the experiences on this list. Which Android Apps or Windows software for Teleprompting would you recommend based on your use? I'd prefer downloadable and not online. Thank you!
  8. Hi Tyler, Thank you so much for kindly creating and sharing your video. I'll try to watch that later.
  9. I can drag and drop MP4 files from the Media Pool onto the Timeline but all I see is a green rectangular box next to V1 and another color-filled box next to A1 - I don't see the subject of the video on the Timeline as I do in the Viewer. In the DR YT videos their subjects in the video always displays on their Timelines. So, I'm at a loss right from the start. I can;t edit doesn't display on the Timeline. There must be some step missing between dragging dropping the MP4 on the Timeline and it displaying on the Timeline so I can see the frame(s) I want to edit? Thanks.
  10. I doubt it's my laptop. I've shared DR videos with others and they say they can't see the tiny words on screen either beuxase the creators recorded them badly. My icore 7 laptop with had no problem with OpenShot.
  11. Could you please share the links to the YT videos you found helpful? I've watched a bunch and with 20/20 eyesight I have to use a magnifying glass to see the tiny words on screen. I was told by a graphics guy mos of the YT videos are created badly so you can't see the words on screen like Fusion , Inspector, etc., Thank you.
  12. Hi David, I started with that editing video but I was told it's fr the Mac and I'm on a PC. When I tried anything that guy suggested it never worked on my PC. Any other sources you found helpful?
  13. Hi Tom, Everyone learns differently so I'm glad that pdf worked for your wife. I startled there but right from t he start I don't see what's on screen once I upload the .mp4s into the Media Pool. Once I drag any video down to the Timeline in the Edit or the Cut page I see a blue bar for V1 and another colored bar for A1 but I never see the subject in the video on any Timeline in either page. Since A1 is already occupied I can't drag an .mp3 (music) file down to the Timeline. I see the actual person in the video on the Timeline in YT videos so I suspect there must be a setting that's being skipped in instructions. I can see the person on the video in the Timeline in OpenShot and other editors, not DR 16.1 Thanks.
  14. I'm a newbie to video editing except for 5 - 6 videos I edited in OpenShot. It was good to learn at least some video editing jargon. I really need to learn DaVinci Resolve as my library job (not in a video dept.) but for program we video record and then offer to the public for free. We spend time teaching people skills which will hopefully position them as better employment candidate and to help people save money who've lost jobs. Maybe this is not the best forum for newbies like me? I suscribed to the "official" DR forum but all I ever got in the Beginner sections was views, no replies. Reddit seemed to be a bad for for a newbie like me and the YT tutorials are so hard to read - they're recorded so badly you can't even see the words Fusion, Fairlight, Inspector, etc. on screen. If this isn't the best forum for a DR newbie, could you please kindly share any you've found to be a better fit when you were learning DR? I don't have an educational budget so I have to learn DR Free on my own for free. Thank you.
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