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  1. Brand new. Never used. Originally $250. I bought this for a production that never materialized. I sold my camera package and now clearing my house of anything that's left incl this. Still in original box. Videographers rely on it for a steady shot every time. Perfect for in-the-field situations, Steady Stick provides you with relief from the strain of extended periods of hand-held shooting by removing the weight of the camera from your shoulder and back. Steady Stick gives you a steady shot every time, from any height or any angle. Steadies the camera so you're more comfortable. Supports cameras up to 30 lbs. Evenly distributes the weight of the camera from your shoulders to your hips so you aren't fatigued. Easily holds 400mm lens and gets a steady shot at 1/4 second. Lightweight, versatile, and portable. Quick release coupler easily disconnects to attach your camera to a tripod. Lets you pan low or hold camera high over a crowd. Guides and controls your camera in any position or direction. Conveniently fits in most camera bags. All info here: http://www.tiffen.com/SteadyStick.htm email me at: pointzeropictures~at~gmail~dot~.com I'm in LA but will ship anywhere. All the best, mp
  2. I own an HD100 and on my page you can check out a 2.5 min excerpt from a 20 min short film I shot recently using the HD100, a PS Technik mini35 adapter and Zeis Superspeed 35mm lenses. Check out "Wondrous Woman" on my page. JVC Europe is using the footage to demo the camera at IBC in Amsterdam this year. http://miklosphilips.info/ cheers
  3. I've used SafeWare (http://www.safeware.com/) , which has been traditionally a computer insurance firm but they recently gave me a quote that covered my Digital Camera as well for around 400 / yr. Insured against theft, crashes, any kind of loss even when in transit - i.e. to and fro location. BUT! Better check it all out yourself and read the fineprint. I have not signed up with them yet and have yet to do my own due diligence.
  4. The basic configuration/ lens is good to shoot many things with (the one out of the box). I use it to shoot docs, interviews, standard DV stuff, whatever. If you want to move up to a nice looking HD short or feature I would rent other lenses, either get the wide-angle, get a 1/2' - 2/3 " adapter and use other broadcast HD lenses or primes, or get a 35 mm cine lens adapter, such as the mini35 adapter and rent 35 mm cine primes. At this point the weakest link in this camera is the stock lens it comes with. Otherwise the images are spectacular and most film-like compared to others from what I've seen, and believe me I researched the hell out of this for months before I decided to go with the JVC vs. HVX200. A disk-based recording system is soon to come as well as many other options for this camera, it's barely a year old. A heavy duty power system is also a must as the stock camera batteries will not last you very long. Check out the user forums here where you can learn a lot about the camera and even see footage shot with it; http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/forumdisplay.php?f=67 cheers
  5. DP with 16 years experience available - DV, HD, Film I work in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles and have over 16 years of experience as a Director of Photography shooting film and video for narrative fiction film, television and various productions. Professionally and creatively diversified, my background covers drama, comedy, news, documentary and a variety of television programming. My extensive portfolio holds examples in categories that include: independent films, music videos, reality-show TV, travel, fashion and business communications. I began my career in Budapest. I worked at Hungarian Television as a camera assistant and later as cameraman, and was apprenticed to the late László Neumann, one of the great Hungarian cinematographers of the time and a contemporary of Vilmos Zsigmond (Deer Hunter; Witches of Eastwick) and László Kovács (Paper Moon; New York, New York). I grew up on European cinema. My directing heroes are Fellini, Bertolucci, Truffaut, Kieslowski, Bergman, Polanski, Kubrick, Hitchcock, Ridley Scott, Terry Gilliam, Jean Pierre Jeunet, Scorsese, Coppolla, Michael Mann and David Fincher; my cinematographer influences are Vittorio Storaro, Robert Richardson and Sven Nikvist. I approach every project with a high degree of professionalism and focus on the director's vision. Due to my classical training in cinematography I am particularly masterful with lighting and making limited resources and budgets stretch to the maximum, delivering world-class work on almost any budget to the best of my abilities. Please find a more detailed resume below. Online Film Demo Reel and other DP examples http://www.pointzeropictures.com/videos I look forward to hearing from you, Miklos Philips Director of Photography (415) 431-2390  ----------------------------------- CAREER OBJECTIVE ----------------------------------- To creatively work with the director, producer and all key departments to achieve an appropriate visual style for any project. To further my career as a cinematographer by serving productions of high standards and perfecting my craft. I am proficient and have experience with almost all cameras and formats (35mm/ 16mm film; 24P, HD, DVCAM, miniDV, BetaCam, etc. ) ----------------------------------- PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ----------------------------------- Summary Years of Experience: 15+ years shooting for film, video and television: comedy, drama, news, reports, documentaries, TV-shows, magazine programs, independent shorts, travel, corporate/ business videos, fashion, music videos and cars in a mixture of film & video formats. 1997-present - San Francisco & Los Angeles ?The Enfolding? - 20 min short ? Director/ Co-DP ?Riding with Jack? - 17 min short ? Director/ DP (Official Selection Palm Beach Int?l Film Festival 2004) (Official Selection Int?l Festival of Cinema and Technology 2004) (Gold Award ? Original Comedy, WorldFest Houston Film Festival 2004) ?Zone Out? by Al Styles Noetic, LA - 5 min. music video ?Evolution of the Human Spirit?, LA ? Feature Documentary ?California Shorts? ? TV Series Pilot ?Opening Night? ? 1 hr Cable TV Pilot ?Omnipotentum? - 8 min short - also Director ?Lovey? - 5 min short ? (Selection: FilmArts Festival of Independent Cinema) 1987-1997 - New York City Worked as freelance DP and had my own film and video company where as a Director of Photography I have directed and shot music videos and shot six independent projects: ?Let the Sunshine In? by Papa Linley - 5 min. music video ?Brick Face? - 20 min short ?Dice Game? - 15 min. short - honorable mention at NYU Student Awards ?Midsummer? - 15 min. short - award winning short silent film ?Death Penalty? - 20 min. short ?Ed and Dead Ed? - 15 min. short ?Lilianne? - 15 min. short 1982-1987 - Sydney Had my own film and video company where I was Director-DP, shot, edited and co-directed various videos. Clients: Sydney Tourism Commission Australian Penthouse Club Med BMW - John Player Special Skyrider Productions and many, many others... Online Film Demo Reel and Video Work Samples: http://www.pointzeropictures.com/videos Reel and References upon request.
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