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  1. Mostly if i decide to use tungsten and idk it just feels like a nice extra measure that isnt too hard to learn.
  2. This is probably a dumb question but can you load black leader film into your camera (in my case bolex). Just wanted to practice loading my camera in the dark but need a dummy reel. Is it better to just buy a dummy reel thats been shot on already or is black leader film fine?
  3. Sorry should've been more specific, i mean for example, changing the 133 angle to lets say 180. Just wondering if its possible to mod it to a higher shutter degree angle.
  4. Hi im wondering if anyone can answer a question I’ve been pondering, that being...is it possible to change the shutter degree angle on a bolex rex 3?
  5. Looking to buy a TXM-26C crystal sync motor
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