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  1. Thanks for the advice! Planned on emailing Rotolight anyway so will ask them also, and I'll definately scroll on Instagram and see what i can find.
  2. Thanks you so much for the detailed responses , this is great stuff! I know that you haven't had any experience using them but have you heard of anyone you know that has had any experience with them, mainly the Titan X2 since they advertise it as professional cinematic lighting? Thanks again, really appreciate it!
  3. I am currently writing my dissertation, assessing the quality of light produced by established diffusion and bounce materials in comparison to LED fixtures compatible with new diffusion solutions, such as those with variable electronically diffused panels. In order to support my secondary research, I have created a series of questions to gain insight from industry professionals and specialists on the future of lighting and diffusion. If you feel you can answer all or any of the following questions and are and industry professional or specialist, I would appreciate it greatly! Q1. Wha
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