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  1. Yes I would want to cover the whole window. So do you think two m18/mirror rigs would do the trick? I am less concerned about seeing the rig, and more about a harsh fall off and not covering the whole window.
  2. Hi, we are currently prepping a short film and want to go for the lighting of the attached mood. Sun barely coming through semi-transparent curtains, with only a few spots, where the sun directly enters the room. Due to location restrictions, we can only light from a small balcony (see attached sketch). I am planning to bounce an open face HMI (M18 or similar) against a mirror, and send the light through the curtains. This way we could virtually extend the distance between subject and light source. Another option would be to not bounce against a mirror, but against a large surface (unbleached muslin e.g.), but I am afraid the light will lose its punch this way. Furthermore, I want to add negative fill on the opposing wall of the windows to add contrast. How would you go about this? Any other ideas to achieve this look given the location restrictions? Cheers and thanks a lot!
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