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  1. Hello again, I recently got my test roll back on my Beaulieu s2008. (The link to the test roll is at the bottom.) If I am not mistaken, it seems like there is dust on the mirror. Also, the ground glass for the camera seems super dirty but if the switch for the focussing glass is not active then it shouldn’t be affecting the image like this right? I have sensor cleaning fluid and lens tissues. Would that be good to clean the mirror and glass with? Lastly, when putting the plastic cover back onto the lens mount, what glue should I use? Thanks again for the help! Test Roll
  2. Bjorn, thank you for letting me know that. I have two original batteries that need to be recelled. I ordered a Lithium Ion battery kit off of ebay for the camera because I thought it would be easier. It was advertised to be used for the 2008, but the seller just got back to me and said it is 7.4V. Would you recommend to just recell the old batteries or change out the LI batteries in the kit I bought?
  3. Awesome, thanks Dom for the info.
  4. I recently got a Beaulieu s2008. I haven’t got the new battery in the mail, but when I look through the viewfinder everything is black. When I press the switch on the top of the camera I can see the very bottom portion of the frame. Is this an easy fix? If not, are there any recommendations for a repair shop that works on Beaulieus?
  5. I recently bought an Eumig Nautica to use on a project. The manual says the only film to be used in this camera are of ASA: 25D, 100D, 40T, or 160T. The camera is fully automatic and there is no way to set the film speed. How does the camera tell what speed film I am shooting on? I would like to shoot on Vision 3 film. Either 50D, 200T, or 250D. What would the camera read these films as? For example, would 50D be read at 25D or 100D? And so on. I am going to have the film scanned in raw and a flat profile to get the most latitude, but am curious what my best bet would be.
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