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  1. Hey all: long time lurker, first time poster. I'm a grad student working on a cyberpunk short in which we're going for a look somewhere between Beyond the Black Rainbow (a low-con, 70s/80s sci fi vibe) and Blade Runner (low-key, noir lighting). We're shooting on a BMPCC 6K so we can shoot BRAW and tweak in post, but we're also limited to EF-mount lenses (the PL adapter is out of our price range for this project). After doing a ton of research I've zeroed in on renting a 70's set of either Contax Zeiss or Leica R still lenses (I'm aware of the crop issue with the Super 35 sensor). I can't find a full set of LOMOs in the LA area that are EF mount - that would have been my first choice. Anyway, I've been watching a bunch of videos to gauge differences between the Rs and the Contax lenses, but it's hard as this piece is gonna be fairly dark with a lot of LEDs and most of the review videos are the standard "someone in front of the camera shining a flashlight into the lens to show you the flares" thing, which is great, but I'm not at the point where I can extrapolate that information into my use case. Kinda at a standstill with this decision and wanted to reach out and get your impressions on how they compare.
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