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  1. Thanks so much Frank and Satsuki! Very helpful info here - much appreciated!
  2. Hello! Trying to get my head round 35mm and how it works in low light etc. Came across this music video. Some of the later shots in it seem to be lit only by the practical lights in the street. Would this be possible? Or are they boosting the light somehow? What stock might they be using for something like this? Any thoughts much appreciated!
  3. This is the paragraph I'm basing my information on, taken from Film London: " If you are using a handheld camera and your filming will not cause an obstruction then there is no restriction to filming on London’s public highway. In some boroughs this also extends to small crews with a tripod. No licence or any form of official permission is required." (source: https://filmlondon.org.uk/resource/advice-for-small-crews)
  4. Thanks to everyone who has responded! The shoot's a long way off and only in very early development so we're really just feeling out options for what might be possible. The safety of everyone involved would of course be paramount! If we were to go ahead with the shot as described it would definitely be a route that doesn't cross roads, it would also be a suburban, residential area we'd be looking at (as opposed to central london!) and would be late at night so definitely reduced traffic/passers by (of course that doesn't negate the safety considerations in any way - just makes life slightly easier). With regard to permits my understanding was that since it's not being produced for commercial gain and will be a small crew, no permanent equipment (steadicam, boomed lights/sound etc.) we wouldn't actually require a permit. This of course precludes us from locking anything off and so we need to take that into consideration and understand that traffic/public have right of way, blocking the shot to take that fact into consideration. Do let me know if this is incorrect though! Budget is also very much up in the air still and so it might be that we end up applying for permits, locking it all off properly and doing it 100% by the book - either way we will make sure no one is in harm's way above all else. On the lighting side - thanks to @Kevin Nealfor the Beach Rats link - very helpful/reassuring! I guess the best thing to do now would be some testing!
  5. Thanks so much for this! That's really helpful - especially re magazine lengths. I imagine if we're closing down to f8 or more then we'll need a decent amount more light than the streetlights will give us, I'll do some testing to make sure but that's my hunch. Any thoughts on what we could do on a low-ish budget, and without exclusive access to the road, to counter this?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm prepping to direct a short and the plan is to shoot on film (16mm or 35mm is still tbc). It mostly should be fine, but there is one long steadicam shot written into the script that travels from inside to outdoor london streets. It's meant to be a fairly long journey that covers a good amount of ground (multiple streets). We're not going to be able to shut down streets, or rent lots of heavy duty lighting gear due to budget. I think it will be something of a guerilla affair. Will we be able to get enough light from streetlamps (with careful choreography) and maybe some pushing of the film...? I know we could get away with it on digital but film's a slightly new game to me. Are there any low-budget lighting tips people might be able to suggest? Bottom line I guess is, is this actually possible..? Thanks! Josh.
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