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  1. Ah, I see. I was born and raised in Roding Lane North. Have looked at my old house on Google maps - did not recognise it. I fortunately have use of a 1400 at the nearby Beaulieu Motor Museum Film Dept (where they also have TK facilities including 2 Mk 3 Cintels and a 2K spirit. But unfortunately all closed up for the time being.
  2. Haven't been back there for 45 years! How did you find out where I hailed from? Lots of happy memories of that area.
  3. No worries Frank - it will all fit on a 'MEMORY' stick.
  4. Unfortunately, my cupboard under the stairs is a virtual memory at the back of my mind! Have owned all this kit and more - many years ago... all gone now, sadly. Had a 1400, and a 1600 that got converted to S16 by Mel Worsfold, and a couple of 6 plate 35mm ones 901 or something? More Moviolas than you could shake a stick at (preferred to fine cut on Moviola after assemble editing on Steenbeck). All I have left is a loft full of mainly 16mm footage that I can't even look at! Now, about that wine.......
  5. Good plan Mark, However - the cupboard under the stairs is completely full of old junk, old Mitchells, Arris, Nagras, Super Baltar lenses, Cooke and Taylor Hobson glass, Steenbecks and Moviolas - just not a square inch of space to squeeze myself in! Note to self: Must order a skip! 🙂
  6. Thanks Frank, Interesting. However have found a Lab that can process (Cinelab), It's still a mystery that 10 x 400' rolls were shot back in 1971 - but never processed. Seems to have been a 2 camera shoot by camera designations on top labels. DoP sadly no longer with us, may always remain a mystery.
  7. 'A' wind or 'B' wind as we used to call it - I never really understood the concept, I was always happier with 35mm! I'd recognise unprocessed as soon as I saw it - not sure if I've still got a changing bag in the loft though.
  8. All sorted. Cinelab can process this stock.
  9. Thanks David, Looks like the chances of finding out what's on this reel are very slim.
  10. Thanks Tyler, We still can't understand why the 400' of film that hails from 1971, is exposed - but not processed. I'm thinking that it might be worth popping it into a changing bag to cut off a couple of inches just to confirm that it is indeed un-processed. The can is quite rusty and is sealed with camera tape. it's marked as 'B camera roll 2' and has a Rank labs 'Exposed Negative' label. Beginning to think it's a 'no hoper',
  11. Umm, I had a feeling that some lab in India was still able to develop this stock - but that was a few years back and I din't know the name of that lab.
  12. Anyone know where Eastman 7254 can be processed? I'm in the UK. Thanks.
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