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  1. I was reading a 2016 article on https://nofilmschool.com/2016/09/should-you-shoot-16mm when I came across this statement. Am I crazy or is this 100% wrong? “When asked about what type of film stock they prefer.... the practical producer Lucas Joaquin prefers 16mm, it’s more difficult to scan 35mm and you don’t necessarily have more picture information on a 35mm frame than a 16mm frame."
  2. yes I want to shoot narrative. Is it uncommon to find a 2 perf Aaton 35 III? What are 2c type cameras ?
  3. @Giray Izcan do you think a 2perf is comparable to cost for film to 16mm?
  4. @Tyler Purcell just checked out some of your YouTube videos really enjoying them. I Subscribed, can’t wait to watch more and check out your new series. Really made me want the Aaton 35III!
  5. @Giray Izcan thanks for the advice, I think you are right. It may make more sense for me to just keep the SR3 @Tyler Purcell thabks for the warm welcome. I really appreciate your input and taking the time to create such an informative post. I’m going to look onto the cameras you mentioned. If I sell my SR3 I’m definitely going to take your advice. Checking out your YouTube link now!
  6. Hello I’m considering selling my Arri Sr3 buying a 35mm camera. However I’m wondering which camera you guys recommend? I was thinking the Arri BL2 but i think that’s a bayonet mount, and I’m not sure how much that would limit my options of buying a lens for it. So maybe the BL4. This is not a for a any particular project, it’s for me to shoot my own projects. Ultimately I love the look of anamorphic, so I was thinking Normal 35mm 4 perf. But maybe 2 or 3 perf is more cost effective? In then end I will typically want a 2.39 aspect ratio and want to use as much of the exposed image as possible. I will always want to finish my projects with a 35mm final print and on most occasions also make a 16mm print From 35mm negative so I can project it at home.
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