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  1. Financial strife or not, when he sends emails of false promises of refunds, then stops communicating, he is no different than a scam artist, and deserves to be categorized as such. He is no different than a thief who takes people's money and does not return it.
  2. Ahhhh yes. It's too bad for the legit K3 sellers.
  3. Interesting that other people have posted about Max Ivanov being a fraud on here, yet I have seen posts about him that have no mention of the fact that he is ripping people off. He still gets likes on Instagram, which is difficult to understand. How is the K3 dead now? Do you mean the market for the K3 will dry up? Oh, and look at this smug individual who steals from filmmakers. He should be embarrassed to show his face on Instagram:
  4. Last April (2021) I purchased a Krasnogorsk-3 camera from the seller Max Ivanov (STHTRIHFILM) in Russia, whose 16MM K-3 modifications have been discussed on these forums. I never received the 16mm camera, but instead was told in July I would get a refund, but it would take a few weeks. I was then told it would take longer, and since then I have not received the camera or the refund, and it has almost been a year, with no explanations. I ask that people on this forum do not refer to STHTRIHFILM as a legitimate business. I have seen the pictures posted on the Instagram for STHTRIHFILM, and they appear to be making impressive modifications to K-3 cameras, but they do not deserve anyone's business if they steal from even a single customer. Please do not contribute to their theft by posting about Max Ivanov as a legitimate seller, since you will only be leading other potential 16mm camera buyers to be ripped off as I was. Thank you. Here is a copy of my order:
  5. Anyone would have to be out of their mind to trust this guy Max Ivanov with your money after reading about my experience purchasing one of his Canon Mount K-3s. Once I made the purchase, I had a feeling I would never see the camera or the money, and that is what happened. I purchased the K-3 in April of 2021, and have received nothing since but false promises, and no refund, or any responses since last summer. There is one side to this story, only myself being ripped off, and a guy in Russia who stole my money. And someone is on here trying to send business his way? There is no accountability since he is in Russia, except maybe this forum full of cinematographers. He continues to show videos of modifications to the K-3 on the internet. If he couldn't send me a Canon mount K-3 with a ground glass modified viewfinder, how can his other experiments with the K-3 be worth thousands of dollars? Who would risk sending their money to someone who has said in the past (after my purchase) that people must use cryptocurrencyy due to being blocked on Paypal? If anyone questions the veracity of my post, then please send me a message. Please do not let this con artist use this forum to rip other people off. I learned the hard way, and I have seen another disgruntled customer ask Max Ivanov about his camera that was not delivered as well, so surely there must be others. If he couldn't deliver on time, then he should have issued refunds. He simply stops communication, so this is the result.
  6. Regarding Shtrihfilm, I gave Max Ivanof 4 months to send the K-3 Krasnogorsk 16mm camera with a Canon Mount that he advertised, after his repeated vague messages on Instagram. Now six months have passed by, and after repeated attempts to get the $800 refunded, he is no longer answering any messages. It would be a big mistake for ANYONE to send money to Max Ivanof in Russia and his Shtrihfilm for any reason, if you ever want to see your money again. I am surprised Paypal allows him to use their service, as surely this is not his only case of fraud. Thankfully, due to this forum, others can be warned before sending him money.
  7. When I purchased a K-3 with a Canon mount from Shrihfilm.com, I was told it will take 1 to 2 months. After over 4 months of not receiving the camera, and evasive answers, I cancelled the order to receive a refund. First, I was told 1 to 2 weeks for the refund. After 3 weeks, I was told another week. Then another week after two weeks had passed. And now another week for him to get the money refunded. I am getting the run around from Shrihfilm.com, and I would not trust this person with your money. The instagram pics make him look like a reputable businessman (https://www.instagram.com/shtrihfilm), but dealing with him you realize he is full of it.
  8. Sadly, I was told over 4 weeks ago I would receive a refund for the K3 with a Canon mount that I ordered from Shrihfilm.com within 1 or 2 weeks, so now I am trying to reach out again. Pretty frustrating.
  9. I heard back from the website shtrihfilm.com, so a refund is on the way. Please disregard my above post. Looks like he is doing things with the K4 now too, as well as the K3.
  10. Hello. I am an Editor in Los Angeles new to the forum, and have been reading up on the Krasnogorsk3 16mm film camera, having grown up shooting on Super 8mm film. Now I use Canon lenses with my Blackmagic 6k camera, so I ordered a K3 with a Canon mount from https://www.shtrihfilm.com/ , which is the same websight referenced at the top of this thread. I was hesitant to go outside of E Bay, and now 4 months have passed and the 16mm camera has not been sent. Originally I was told 1 to 2 months, and my emails in the last week have not gone answered. Does anyone have any experience with shtrhfilm? I have waited to cancel the order, but now 4 months have passed and I think I need to resolve this soon. The company looks legitimate on Instragram, with various modifications of the K3 and K4, so I took the chance to drop $800 on a company from Russia, and now I am not getting any responses from Max or shtrhfilm, so I thought I would come here for advice on how to proceed forward. Thanks, Don
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