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  1. For anyone interested in miniature cinematography, I have carried out research on what aperture and focal length is needed to create the same image characteristics in live action and a miniature of 1/15 scale. It would be great to hear some feedback via my survey: https://forms.gle/1APkgkvLQbczeMGA8
  2. For my dissertation I carried out research regarding this topic, if anyone would be interested in completing a short survey that would be greatly appreciated: https://forms.gle/WTTRrzC1tKUUcutC6
  3. The idea is that a character looks down a live action telescope and we see their pov as they move the telescope view point across a town. Some of what is seen through the telescope is live action and some is miniatures and i want to test how to successfully make both images look the same through adapting a camera set up to do this. Hence, looking at the relationship of aperture, focal length etc
  4. Thanks that has been a lot of help and been very interesting! The changing of focal length is an experiment I am doing to see if it can be a technique employed in miniature cinematography.
  5. I am looking for some advice on how aperture is involved in miniature cinematography. I am planning on shooting two shots which appear from the same view point, a telescope, one which is live action and one which is a miniature. In order to make these both look the same scale I will be adjusting the camera set up by the scale of the model. I will be using 1:15 scale, so shooting the live action with a 300mm focal length and the miniature at 20mm. I've read that aperture should be adjusted the same way if wanting to make it seem that live action and miniature are the same size, so if shooting live action at f2, then i'd shoot the miniature at f30 (which poses problem with equipment). However, I still don't understand how this approach will replicate the same look. Surely, shooting live action at f2 will result in a shallow depth of field but shooting the miniature at f30, will have such a deep focus. If anyone can help me wrap my head around it then that would be great, thanks!
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