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  1. Ah fantastic that makes way more sense! Will check with the phase with the focus set to infinity. Thank you for the help!
  2. Hello, I recently got some Oberkocken Super 16 Lenses which I believe are basically either Zeiss B Speeds or Zeiss Super Speeds Mark I? I'm planning to use them on my SR3 however when I looked at the manual for the camera on Page 33: https://cameramarket.eu/data/pdf/cameramarket_16SR3_MANUAL_Esite.pdf it mentions not to use the Zeiss Distagon 9.5mm Bayonet with the SR3. I'm assuming because of some dimensions? Anyway here is the lens with measurements. What do you guys think? Would appreciate any help! Don't want to break the SR3 mirror hah.
  3. Oh cheers nice find.
  4. Anyone have any zooms?
  5. London based DP looking to buy some Super 16mm lenses/lens PL mount for SR3. Anyone have any links? Considering primes and zooms.
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