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  1. I'm worried it'll be hard for me to sell the Miller Solo legs separately without the head, given it's not a very popular / well-known brand where I am based (Hong Kong). Any thoughts on the longevity of the Flowtechs? Do you think they'll last years with the materials they used? Also any ideas whether the Sachtler Aktiv8T head would be a worthwhile investment?
  2. Has anyone used the Miller Sprinter II Carbon Fiber legs? I haven't be able to find any Youtube reviews on it; how do they compare with the Flowtechs? I'm in a bit of a dilemma, as I'm trying to replace my Miller Solo legs. Those Solo legs with twist locks aren't very convenient on small shoots where I have to operate the camera with no assistants -- adjusting height becomes very cumbersome. So my options are either: Replace the Solo legs with Sprinter II, and use my existing Mill Compass 15 head, OR Go all out and get the Flowtech 75 with the Aktiv8T head Option 1 will save me a bunch of money, but I know a good set of tripod is worth its weight in gold. So if the Sprinter II isn't that great compared to the Flowtechs, I'm willing to invest! I just need some real word opinions from people who've used the Sprinter II's, since none of the stores local in my city has a set for me to test.
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