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  1. Hi all, I wrote a how-to guide to set up the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera for wireless DISTANCE-ACCURATE focus pulling via SBUS. It will give you the same kind of control like a Preston or a WCU. It took me two months of research and tinkering to come up with this setup. I hope this guide will be helpful you. http://www.jack-lam.com/blog-post-2-1.html I’d love to hear what you think. Jack
  2. My name is Jack Lam, and I am a working cinematographer. In my blog site, I wrote an open letter to Panasonic titled: Long-overdue Innovations in Manual Focus Will Make LUMIX-S a Winner for Professional Cinematographers The article can be viewed here: http://www.jack-lam.com/blog-post-1.html We have not seen much fundamental progress in the tools for professional focus control since the rise of DSLR cinematography, and it is an area that is badly in need for some innovations. I think the launch of LUMIX S is a great opportunity for Panasonic to do that. In the article, I explai
  3. OK. Price drop to USD2000 shipped globally. Please contact me via email. INFO(at)Jack-Lam.com
  4. Up for sale is a complete kit with Canatrans UHF video transmitter (Global version), Tandem UHF receiver, a Decimator 2 converter, and a Liliput 7-inch LCD TV w/ batteries. Cosmetically, everything is in mint, like-new condition. Functionally, everything works perfectly. Due to the lower frequency and long wavelength of UHF, the Canatrans is able to pentrate through walls and propagate among obstacles better than most HD digital wireless systems, which operate in 2.4 or 5.8GHz band. Another advantage of UHF is that transmission quality degrades gracefully over distance, whereas digital
  5. I am prepping for an upcoming shoot with some gun-and-run scenes at night. I'm looking for a larger soft source to light the subject that runs on battery to keep it mobile. A 4'x4 Kino with some 216 diff would fit the bill in terms of the look that I want. Considering its lower amperage requirement, how hard is it to hook it up to battery? If Kino isn't viable, what other lighting unit would you suggest? Jack
  6. As a beginning DP, I'm debating on whether I should buy a camera or not. I'm more leaning towards a super16 camera. Now here comes the question of what kind of lenses I should buy for super16. Some people say 16mm lenses are optimized for the smaller image size in terms of lens resolution. Also, it doesn't project too much light outside of the aperture area as a 35mm lens does, and that prevents excessive reflection and flare within the camera. On the other hand, some people say 35mm lenses are well-researched and well-developed enough that it gives similar, if not better, perfor
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