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  1. This is my concept trailer for a proposed new film that has UK government HMRC SEIS approval This means up to 70% of investment in tax relief. The film will be set at an American airbase in the UK. I'm also looking for investors. www.vimeo.com/214146101
  2. Hi Rich, Money is always an issue Only its not for me anymore The film cleaned me out.
  3. Hi Macks Be interesting to see what people think it was shot on and what lenses :)
  4. You're right Richard There were 8000 films entered into Cannes and only 50 get in. The reality is Its very difficult now to get anyone to watch the film even though your offering a saleable product. Many times now I have heard the film wont sell without a named actor involved. I have learned its not how good the film is that counts but what the film can do for those involved.
  5. Thanks Tyler Makes sense. Its not a comedy though It just has some funny bits There are no gags but there is irony and it would be difficult to put the fun stuff in the trailer as its usually coming from previous hooks and often just serendipitous in nature.
  6. Thanks Tyler Can you tell me what I could do to improve the trailer?
  7. I have completed my first full length feature There has been some interest but still looking for distribution. I have 3 other films in development with one ready for pre production I just need a producer and some help with the budget. Anyway the new film is called Vampire Resurrection Its quite funny at times and about a dysfunctional family set in the Vampire world. I'd love some feedback https://vimeo.com/165746373 TIA Mark
  8. Okay so only a select few would get to show clips in their showreel and would these clips be made available and agreed by the producer Before it reaches a distributer or would the deal be done for those with an agreement by the distributer. Or would the clips just be chosen by those with agreements themselves? Okay Thanks David You already answered!
  9. Okay so if every actor and crew member want to use the clips they were in and put that online This would not affect a distribution deal? The distributer would be okay if clips of the film were floating around so when they come to market the film and look at its strengths and weaknesses and look for the optimal strategy they wouldn't consider people may do a search on the net and make a purchase decision on that Or take the footage and show bits and pieces that give away the plot before the film is shown and so decide to pass on the film as it would be less marketable?
  10. Thanks David. Yes non commercial use is fine if you are only showing to potential employers agents and password protected. But what if the cast and crew want to use their showreels online publically like You Tube?
  11. Thanks Phil, So are you saying a distributer or say channel 4 Revolver etc are happy to accept your film with showreels online?
  12. I am helping to make a film that I am hoping will get distribution I have been told by a crew member that I should allow the cast and crew access to the film for use in online showreels My concern is a distributer may not take the film on. What are your thoughts regarding this? TIA Mark
  13. I've got an old beat up schnieder 50mm f2 arri fit lens. I'm wondering if it would be better than my pentax SMC F1.7mm and worth getting an arri adapter for use with my Zeiss 16mm superspeed set. Supposed to be a cine lens and an industry workhorse at one time but has hard stops?
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