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  1. Oh nice... yeah for sure share some pics and thanks for sharing your process here 🙂 And no worries on the timetable. Be safe! Thanks a bunch!
  2. Gotcha... yeah, didn't think of that. They look like they might fit in the box but looking at the battery box I can see if I try and pry it apart it will probably all break up to pieces.
  3. Hello everyone, Hope this message finds everyone safe and well. I'm trying to find an easy and affordable way to re-cell my CP16 battery and I think buying TWO of these and stuffing them in the existing battery container might work! https://www.amazon.com/Qsmily-Rechargeable-Connector-Suitable-Aircraft/dp/B08LH66LG7 It looks like you would simply solder the two batteries together in series and then solder to the positive and negative ports in your battery box. Does anyone see a possible problem with this approach? Would it work and still allow use of the original NiCad charger? -Eric
  4. Oh wow! Thanks for doing this! And for posting results 🙂 That Switar reading is really surprising. It's a HOT piece of glass in more ways than one!
  5. Nice! Thanks so much and keep us posted!
  6. Yup. For sure it's bothersome. Who thought this was a good idea 😞
  7. Thanks for checking this out. It's appreciated. We should all buy a geiger counter and make a list of sorts and keep it updated!
  8. Thanks, Aapo for the response 🙂 Yes. I saw the Arriflex thread and I mentioned that to the camera operator and he said he heard some lenses in the viewfinder optical system were radioactive on some of the Arri S models but reiterated the situation was more of an issue with some of the Eclair cameras because it was the actual eyepiece. Which sits right up to your eye. Where the Arri 'S' has other optical elements in the way and more importantly distance that protects. Maybe somebody will chime in knowing specifically which Eclair finder is the offending party. Probably should buy a geiger counter anyways though!
  9. Greetings everyone, I was talking to a retired camera operator the other day and he mentioned that some of the viewfinders on the Eclair ACL are in fact now radioactive due to thorium decay. He warned that while this is sometimes seen in older lenses it really isn't an issue because the radiation is low and blocked by the camera body. But he said it is a very grave issue for viewfinders because there isn't anything to block the particles and because of this it can cause eye damage or worse. Can someone elaborate on this somewhat? Does anyone know if it's the Angenieux or Kinoptik viewfinder.... or possibly both? Thanks! -Eric
  10. Greetings everyone, Looking to buy a working 28EPSS or 29EP-1414 variable speed motor for the Kinor 16CX-2M or 16CX-3M. Hope somebody has one they can part with... I can spend $200-300 depending on model and condition. Thanks! Best wishes, Eric
  11. Thanks, Frank 🙂 Very helpful explaining the chemistries here at work. So it's kinda like chlorine in a pool maybe...? You don't want to really swim in the pool right after the Pool Technician adds chlorine but much better to simply hit the pool when the monitored levels are within spec type of deal. Thanks for all the replies everyone. It corrected my misconceptions and hopefully will allay other people's fears too. Best to simply head to a reputable lab and not overthink it type of deal. Thanks!
  12. Oh wow. Thanks for this... John 🙂 I falsely assumed all baths had an expiration date of sorts kinda like when you buy a gallon of milk type of deal where the closer you get to expiration the lesser the quality. This response is really appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for your response, David. Appreciated. But puzzled that you thought I was suggesting a client ask a lab to dump their entire bath. Exact words were- "Also, wondering would it be poor etiquette to simply ask a lab to call when they have a fresh batch of soup?" In that sentence I make it clear that I was wondering if it would be considered poor etiquette to simply ask the lab to call when they have a fresh bath. If a client is bringing in a lot of product. Maybe 200 rolls of Super 8mm. Would it be out of line to simply ask the lab to call when they have a fresh tank? I'm assuming they change chemicals at least once every few months or so... right? Still hoping someone can answer my specific questions here. What are the effects of old chemicals versus fresh? Color and contrast. And is it out of sorts to simply ask for the lab to call when they have a fresh tank? Thanks...
  14. Thanks for the response :) Sure. Sure. But was wondering what type of difference might occur if someone gets their film developed in an old bath versus fresh chemicals. Also, wondering would it be poor etiquette to simply ask a lab to call when they have a fresh batch of soup? Really want to get as much as possible out of a Super 8mm project and simply want to weigh how much of a difference might exist if it gets sent through older chemicals. I'm thinking Super 8mm might suffer more from an old bath than say 16mm or 35mm. Any and all replies and opinions welcomed. Thanks!
  15. Hello... Hope everyone is safe and well during these trying times. Had a question about the difference between having a lab run your film through old soup versus new soup. Can anyone describe the possible differences in color and contrast that might occur. Thanks so much 🙂 -Eric
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