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  1. Hi guys, just a quick question. I was watching the behind the scenes of BBC's Human Planet series. There was one episode about a tribe of people in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. If you see the link below, i was interested in the shot at 1 minute 59 seconds. The camera tracks back from the tree house to an extreme wide angle. In the behind the scenes the DOP describes setting up for this shot, but when the camera is at it's widest, i don't see any of the cables in shot.. How do you rig it in such a way so that when you track back all the way you don't see the cables in shot? do they touch it out in post? Also another side question. Their main cam was the Panasonic Varicam. Any idea which model they were using? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wGNr3bb5xw&playnext=1&list=PLE4BF69F24F311D9B Thanks Ken Minehan
  2. Yep, thanks David. I eventually worked it out. I asked one of the distributors (who happens to be a Panasonic HD Guru) and he told me to: Step1 : copy the “private” folder into the SD card Step 2: insert the SD card into the camera Step 3: go to menu – File –CAC card read – select the correct no. of file – read Step 4: go to maintenance – CAC Adj – yuo can confirm the lens model no is there. Ken
  3. Ken Minehan

    P2 Cards

    Hello, i want to find out about the shelf life of E series P2 cards. We have 5 x 64gb E series P2 cards. We have had them for almost 2 years. When will i know when the shelf life of the card is up. I don't want it to suddenly not record during a shoot. Is there any way of knowing how long i have? So i can prepare for it. thanks Ken
  4. My mistake. The message that comes up is "lens Initialize is not completed". thanks Ken Minehan
  5. Hi guys. When i turn on our HPX3700 varicam there is a message on the screen that says Lens File Not Initialized. Any idea what this means? Thank You Ken Minehan
  6. Ken Minehan

    CAC file

    Hi Guys, I am having trouble installing a CAC file in to the HPX3700 varicam. The lens is the canon HJ14ex4.3. I have downloaded the appropriate file from the Panasonic site, transferred the file to an SD card, placed the SD card in to the HPX3700, gone to "CAC file card read", then clicked on title read, but nothing seems to come up. Am i doing something wrong? If anybody has had success in installing the CAC file to a varicam, i would love to hear from you. Thank you. Ken Minehan
  7. Ken Minehan


    Great, thanks for the info. Another thing i forgot to mention... I have a very simple shoot coming up where i have to shoot a testimonial. The client has asked us to shoot in HD, at a very low cost. This is why i thought of the Sony EX3 (great pictures, HD, Cheap). Do you think this is a good idea? regards Ken Minehan
  8. Ken Minehan


    Hi Guys, this may sound like a stupid question, but here goes. Is the Sony EX3 full HD? I have shot with it and i like the picture that it produces. I have read the spec sheet and it does say that it shoots 1920x1080 in HQ mode. Here in Singapore, people are often confuse the distinction between HDV and HD, and the EX3 is priced in the high end HDV range. Also I think i feel a bit skeptical because compared to P2, you can record more data on the card. Is this because it is more compressed? I am also asking because the company that i am currently working for is starting to produce documentaries, where the networks require HD content. Is this camera good enough for HD networks. It would be much appreciated if anyone can clarify this for me. thank you Ken Minehan
  9. that's right, my mistake, it is 23.98. It seems like that cameras that can shoot at this frame rate are the bigger HD cameras. My client has told me that they don't have much of a budget, are their smaller (Cheaper) HD cameras that can record at this frame rate? I apologize if the above question sounds very amateurish. regards Ken Minehan
  10. I have a client who has asked us to shoot a video message in full HD, at 23.94fps. Apart from the Sony HD cams and Panasonic Varicams, what are the other cameras that can shoot Full HD at 23.94fps. I am in PAL country, so all the cameras that i have access to are PAL sets. Thank you Ken Minehan
  11. Wow, that's such a good idea. thanks for the tip. ken
  12. I totally agree, it's an amazing video. It too quite a while to load but it was worth the wait. Excellent animation, edit, and sound design. Ken Minehan
  13. Thank you guys very much. all your comments have been very helpful. My shoot is not until next month so i still have time to do more research/tests. In the mean time if you have more comments or ideas, please let me know. Cheers guys. Ken Minehan
  14. Hi Guys, I am shooting a low budget short film about a boy going through his basic military training. There is a day scene that requires the main character to be running in the jungle while it is raining. I have never done a shoot using a rain machine before so i have some concerns. I will be using the Panasonic hpx3700, 25fps, 90deg shutter. In one of the shots, i was hoping to run with the actor (handheld) through the rain to capture him running in a mid shot. I was hoping to cover this from in front of him and from behind him. what' s the best way to water proof the camera? How do i keep water droplets from hitting the lens? Any advice on running backwards with a camera? Is there an a more effective way to get these shots? Looking forward to hearing from anyone with tips and advice. regards Ken Minehan
  15. Thanks Phil for your explanation. The article you attached is exactly what i was looking for. For me to convert 24frames to 25 frames so that i can broadcast in a PAL country, will i need to go through telecine? Or is pulldown something i can do in FCP? thanks Ken
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