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  1. Dear Colleagues. I need to shoot an image shown on a Classic TV. Anyone has the experience of shooting with Alexa on a Tube Television type? How do you get rid of the Black Line that shows up? How do you move it up and down like we use to do with the Phase Button on a 435? Obviously, i'll be shooting at 25fps (50Hz). Hugs to all. daniel
  2. Dear Friends... I just bought a DVX100A and I am looking for a mattebox to use 4x4 filters on it... I worked recently with a few rented cameras that came either with the century mattebox and the chrosziel and can´t say I was really satisfied with none of them... Is there anything else in the market I could try? Also... has anyone tried any Extender to make it a longer lens? How was the quality? And what about the Aspheron to make it wider... any reccomendations? Thanks for any help, Daniel
  3. Dear Friends... I Just saw on dvd winterbottom´s movie "In this world".... I liked the movie and the simplicity of the camera work very much.... I believe they shot the entire movie with a Sony PD100... But I saw the "behind the Scenes" footage and realized they had a specially made handle for the camera wich makes it easier to grab it... and also saw they had something else on top of the camera... like two electronical modules connected to the camera that I don´t know what they are... I wonder if it´s something related to sound.... but I doubt it cause they had a guy recording sound separately.... so ??? Has anyone seen this extra material and/or know anything about it? cheers to all of you daniel vilar
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