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  1. Looking to buy a geared head ie: a mini Mitchell, Technovision, or Mini Worall. Does anyone know where I can find one of these heads in good shape for sale? Thanks - Ian
  2. Yah I could see why, that would be quite useful. As for shooting daylight. I believe i'll put some ctb on the redheads aswell. The less colour correction problems I have in the end the better.
  3. thanks guys for the reply. Oli - Yes I think I'm leaning towards the daylight stock as I will only be shooting one roll for now. And I can use alot of available light on the EXTs and still punch in with some reflectors from the outside for the interiors. and shoot uncorrected with the redheads John - The 7299 sounds interesting with the ability to shoot a tungsten balanced film outdoors without filtration.
  4. I hope I put this in the right section. I forgot to mention that the tungsten lights I will be using are 1k redheads.
  5. Hey guys, I'm new to this site, and I think it's really great. Here's my situation. I'm going to shoot a test roll soon on a camera that I have recently fixed up. Reg test, etc. I was also going to shoot a few other things on the roll just to see how they would come out. A few CU's/ Some shutter angle experiments. My question is this, I have the oppoutunity to shoot on either a tungsten/ or daylight stock. Both kodak. I don't have access to an 85 filter, and have only a few tungsten lights kicking around. I was planning on getting some exterior and interior shots. Do I shoot Daylight/ and get some good EXTs ( using some cards for fill etc.) and colour correct for the interior shots that will have tungsten lighting? Or do I shoot it all Tungsten and then colour correct the EXTs. I may have access to some CTB gel for the lights. I guess it's left up to a matter of choice, just wondering if anyone found one process to be more satisfying. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys, I have recently aqquired an SBM that was unloved for quite some time and have been doing some repairs on it, getting it back to its original condition, or better. My question is this - You can buy a tobin motor for the camera and have crystal sync ( which for someone with a small budget isn't ideal) , which would be the perferred way to shoot sync sound, but would the Perfectone MST motor ( The Original motor made for sync sound recording, which is with the camera ) still give me good results for sync sound? Also I know the camera is noisy, and not just "a little", the thing is like a coffee grinder. Maybe i'll come up with a blimp for it. Does anyone have any suggestions for blimp housings for the RX5/SBM/EL's? Thanks - Ian
  7. Hey guys, Just something I read about the grain on the ground glass when focusing the diopter. this was taken from a good Bolex tips site by Joel Schlemowitz. http://homepage.newschool.edu/~schlemoj/fi...rses/bolex.html Now whether this grain can be removed, I am not sure. I hope this is of some relevance to your question. ;)
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