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  1. Krys Athens

    Eclair NPR 16mm

    Would anyone recomend shootiing with the NPR? Hey a solid 16mm camera is a 16mm camera. should I rent better lenses though thanks-
  2. Hawks Nest.... Hey, nice spec. DO you try to sell them when you are finished or just a reel builder? Have you ever gotten any feedback from companies, and do you try to submit them at large?
  3. You can always sell yourself on the corner... Make your own hours, get cash..... C?mon guys I bet there are a few of ya out there that just might consider goblin to pay the rent! HA! Stop your whining....boo hoo why cant I do this, Why cant I do that, Why cant everyone recognize me as a great filmmaker!?!?! Why cuz yer all still wet behind the ears, you dont stop to pay attention and listen instead your trying to hock your tired A*S at every trade show on earth and most of all you think you are a filmmaker because you shoot your little sisters b-day parties, cut on your Mac and burn a DVD for grandma. PICK UP A FILM CAMERA AND MAKE A REAL FILM FOR A MOMENT WILL YA!
  4. Im not so sure- Check out area 51 and other Canon posts on www.dvinfo.net they have been talking about this one for 6 months now....
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