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  1. Frank, Bruce, thank you for answers! Bruce, and what about smartphone "standard" footage? (just in case) i.e. without LOG profile. Is it technic applicable to this?... (or, as I wrote - smartphone video is a totally crap?)
  2. Hello there! I'm a newbie in video production (although, with some experience 😉 ) and definitely newbie in color grading. My software: DaVinci Resolve 17. ATM I'm curious on the following: I have a video footage in flat (or e.g. LOG) color profile. If I use color correction card, making my video, should I use color conversion function, e.g. special LUT for transforming LOG to Rec709? Or I can just match colors from the color correction card (and it will be enough) ? (DaVinci Resolve can do it - select card and draw the rectangle above the card on video) So if I have color correction card - do I still need "remove LOG" operation with special LUTs and/or software functions? Another question, which follows previous one: What if I have a footage, taken without LOG/Flat profile? E.g. on smartphone (not FilMiC Pro or similar!) or old GoPro without ProTunes? Can color correction card help me in adjusting (often, oversaturated colors on smartphones) stuff for my postprocessing? Or, if I have smartphone footage - it is definitely unrecoverable garbage...? 😉 Any ideas will be highly appreciated!
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