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  1. The only thing vissibly wrong with the Special is that is was purchased by a complete idiot (it appeared to be fully funcional at time of purchase, for the record). Now that we have that cleared up, the reason I decited to attempt the clean/lube job was I have 1month garentee on the camera and I need something that works, not for 1 month, but for a while. Seeing as it was made in 73, and that I am at least the 3rd ower, the first being german i think, and the second was a French dude - I have orriginal reciet of the lens servicing dating 85 in Paris, and the thing seems to have been around on a number of trips looking at the miscilanous pamphlets and tickets found inside the Lietz bag it came in. So before I go off shooting expensive super8 that may end up with a (read, even more expensive) TC, I decited if I can't service the thing now, better not try it after the months up and there's no turning back, seing as it was a major point of purchase for me. I adore the camera, it really is something. But now the only thing mine is, is in peices. I do not have internet access, so I print all the articles i can from forums, sites, etc and this purchase has been made after an accumulation of several documents compiled over time with a little research. Too bad wiki's site doesn't have photos to go along with the description. I've reached a level of frustration that temps me to go all out in anyway possible for an exchange for the 7008. Not because I prefur it, but because at least I'm pretty sure it hasn't been butchered by a hack like me. If I knew someone who has better tinkering abilities and has already refurbished Leicinas, I'd be tempted to send it for an attemped rescue. But is it worth it... :P For the record, I have dismantled two previous cameras, a Nizo, and a Canon with no bad luck, and was able to clean and lube them, as well as my Goko editor, and a projector restored from heaps of old lube and a cruddy chain. I have vastly over estimated my abilities in this affair. I still don't unerstand the refrence to leather. I don't have the camera with me but I don't remember anything even remotely resembling leather. It's all metal and some platic buttons. by the way, the plate comes off and though it is no longer as nice looking as before, I do think it is usable, as it is easily deformed, it should be not too difficult to un-deform, but then again, with my luck... Thanks for the replies. I really blew it this time. If there is anyone who could help, I would be interested in discussing the issue. For those that can contact me, I'm in Paris. Jean-Loup Bro london_struck@yahoo.com I will try to frequent the forums, though access to anything other than e-mail isn't extremely practical. Thanks. Cheers mates. *goes off to cry in a dark corner*
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new here, but have read several posts from time to time as a non member of this forum. In fact, it was due to the advice i read of the Lecinia Special camera given by others here on this board that I just baught one... It was a choice between a Leicina Special and a 7008 pro(with 6-70mm f1.4). And now I'm starting to wonder if i made a big mistake. I choose the Special because it is built like a tank, came with a decent looking 6-66mm lense, and the built in meter was fairly accurate; but most of all because apparantly it was a really easy camera to service yourself, clean, lube, etc. I thought, either I get the 7008 and knowing it is a more recently constructed camera, have to worry less about care (this model is in like new condition), or the Special and have the ability to care for it on spot, it has a smaller box-like form factor and runs on easily avalable AA batteries. So I got the Special, and using the Repair guild I found on the net by super8wiki http://super8wiki.com/index.php/Leicina_Special:_Repair I started to take the camera apart: "Next carefully peel back the leather at the rop right corner (right looking at it) and at the right edge almost inline with the Leicinamatic contacts. You should find 2 deep holes with small sloted screws inside. Remove them but don't lose them! " What the!? Okay, so seeing nothing resebling leather, I take a chance and assume that the black painted metal plate that is glued in the cartrage loading area and rests againsts the cart's left side when it is charged, and I remove it. And now I find at least 6-7 screws, none of them particularly in any deep holes. So now since I can't locate the special 2 screws wiki describes, I remove all but one (which seems to be missing the head of the screw). The camera now starts to fall apart, but is clearly held together by something else. Could it be this screw with no head? Or is that a screw that is screwed in from the other side and so I just see the bottom? !!! Panic, I have a camera half-dismantled and it doesn't bloody want to come apart, and doesn't fit the discription of Wiki's site. I take the camera back to the seller (Photo Baeumarches, Blvd. Baeumarche, Paris) and he offers to file the one screw that seems to be missing the head so as to unscrew it to continue the opperation. Can anyone advise me on my situation. Apparintly it may not be too late to stop everything and put the purchase toward the 7008 pro. I'm afraid that with all the damn tinkering I'm going to break something in the Special, or misalign something - or that the screw turns out to be something else and we file down something we're not supposed to etc. By the way, there is now a screw (longest one in the inside wall of the cart cavity) that no longer seems to 'grip' the inside, as if screwing it into nothing.... Oh bloody hell!!! I need a good camera, and I know that the Special and the 7008 both carry excellent reputations. Is it worth it to continue with the special or should I jump ship before it sinks and go for the 7008? Help! Thanks! JeanLoup london_struck@yahoo.com
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