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  1. Also, just to be completely transparent, I am associated with Adelie Logistics and help with the development of the product. I have, in addition to helping create the software, used it for my rental company (Royalty Rentals in Chandler AZ) for several years. I know some people get put off by sneaky self promoters so just wanted to be completely transparent here. Please comment/reply if you have questions. Happy to help.
  2. I've used Adelie Logistics (https://adelielogistics.com) for my event rental company for several years now. It's simple, integrates with QuickBooks easily, is cloud based so can access from anywhere, has all the features we need and is super inexpensive. They have a free 30 day trial and then their base package is $50/month for unlimited users. Hope that helps with your or anyone else's search. I've tried many rental softwares and I believe this is the best bang for the buck.
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