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  1. I am new in Super 8 world. Nizo is my dream brand specially 801 Macro. By the way.. I decided to buy a Nizo 801 macro. The seller is located nearby my city. I have tested some basic functions at the time of purchase. Every function like film drive at all speed,power zoom ,exposure meter .. was fine at the beginning. But at some point, the seller pressed the R button ( located on top of camera ) to check the dissolve function. After that, the film drive motor stopped working( but all other functions like power zoom, exposure etc. works normally) We tried a lot , followed the instruction manual, battery reset etc. but nothing worked. Can anyone please tell me is there any way to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi I am a newbie here. just joined the forum. I have a question... ( may be a stupid question) . What happen if I shoot a projected negative image on negative film again with a camera , after processing, will it be a positive image? I mean .. negative on negative make positive image? I am curious about it. kindly reply.
  3. Hello everyone... I have an opportunity to buy a Nizo 801 macro super 8 camera. It includes lense hood, viewfinder cap, and a small stick for manual zoom operation. This camera is almost new condition. seller asking apx. USD 500. Is it worth to buy at this price? Another issue is, this model has variable sutter opening and maximum opening is 150 degree. Is there any problem for shooting indoor with this low shutter opening? Can anyone help me about the above issues. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi I am new in this forum . I have an opportunity for buying a Nizo 801 Macro super 8 camera. This is almost new . lens hood, viewfinder cap and a small zoom stick is included. Seller is asking USD 500. is it worth? another issue .. this camera has variable shutter angle . max is 150. is this a problem for indoor shooting? Please advise me. Thanks in advance.
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