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  1. Ok I am going with either the G2 Sennheiser Evolution 500 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/3884...00_Plug_In.html or Sennheiser EW100ENGG2 Wireless System http://www.coffeysound.com/product.php?pro...at=0&page=1 what is the difference in these systems?
  2. Hey guys, I am looking for a wireless setup to replace an XLR cable that goes from my Sony Z1U to mic w/ boom pole. I am steadicam operator and cannot have wires attached at all. This transmitter needs phantom power. It be perfect if it had a headphone jack. The boom operator needs to be able to monitor the sound and transmit to the Z1U. I am looking to spend as little as possible without losing too much. What specific equipment should I be looking at? What else should I be looking for in a wireless setup? What?s a good place to buy this equipment? EBay?
  3. Ok so for x mas I want to process my dads old 8 mm film on to dvd and for my own editing purposes. I have 9x 50tf reels. it will cost $99 for setupand one 50 ft reel and 15$ for each additional reel. for all 9 its going to cost $200. is this a good deal. or should I keep looking? Know of any other locations in my area? how do I find these locations that process 8mm?
  4. Hey guys, I am going to spend the last of my life?s saving on a tripod and I want to make sure I buy the right product. Currently I am looking at a Sachtler tripod with DV-6SB Head and aluminum or carbon fiber tripod legs. Seems both are the same weight but the carbon fiber is tougher and sometime I am ruff on my Tripods. I must be able 1. hold up 20 LB 2. Be smooth enough to work on film and with steadicam footage. I am looking at http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/3824...rbon_Fiber.html Also I would not mind saving some money and possibly going with a miller tripod Like this one http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/2934..._20_Carbon.html I need as much help as possible with things to look out of and the advantages and disadvantages of both. I am used to working on a Wal-Mart tripod that broke recently and just about anything be an improvement.
  5. I have been working on this documentary since last fall. I wish to eventually make a feature out of it. It?s currently 10 Min. I hope you enjoy. I love to hear any advice on how to improve the video. http://www.vilekyle.com/Documentary/Why%20...lieve/index.htm
  6. Hey nick. I was looking and know of no shot that includes both thoes things. I love to know which shot your talking about.
  7. Hey guys, I just finished my newest creation of the video bloging world. It is a montage of last summer. There are shots from Chicago, New York, and Florida. I would Love to hear what you think Honestly. Love to hear any corrections that can be made with editing. I love to hear the negative more than the positive because it helps me improve. But the positive is nice too. Here is the link http://www.vilekyle.com/Vid%20Blogs/A%20Su...Again/index.htm
  8. Hey guys I just finished encoding my new blog that I created while at a conference in San Francisco. It has a lot of shots from around the city and my peers. Also is some of the speakers overlapping the visuals. I?m looking for criticism that I can improve upon. I need really intelligent criticism. Most my friends are not film people and just kiss my ass and say its GREAT! I don?t really need that. Please leave your thoughts. On my site be even better than here. Thanks for watching I think you will enjoy it. Here is a direct link to High quality http://www.vilekyle.com/videos/Video_Blogs...ella%20High.wmv Here a link for all qualities like HD and low quality. http://www.vilekyle.com/Vid%20Blogs/San%20Fran%202/index.htm Kyle Fasanella PS if you like this video you may also want to check out lasts years trip at bottom of page.
  9. thank you Im glad you enjoyed it. That was shot on the redrock 35 mm adapter. with 1.4f 50m nikon.
  10. This is new video I created with my 35mm adapter. Its footage collected from my life so I suppose you could call it a video blog. I?m looking for ways to improve it before I release it. Any other criticism is welcome. DIRECT LINK to streaming http://www.vilekyle.com/Vid%20Blogs/Love%20Life%20pics/ Link to Page with Stills and all downloadable qualities HERE ]
  11. Hey guys I am looking to get a setup that would replace an S video cable with a wireless setup for monitoring. I have used setups that work wireless for s video but require power. I need a transmitter that can run off batteries or phantom power. Any wires coming off me to somewhere else are bad but a something on my body to camera would be ok. What are some of my option and how much am I looking to spend? I really need wireless with my steady cam and wires mess up to many of my shots already.
  12. Hey guys its Kyle. This is a new HighDef comedy/action film that Justin Johnson and I worked on. This time with PLOT! We shot in High Definition. This is the 1st episode. Just messing with the idea of a sequel. You can download the 720p here If you want to know anything about the film post it here or comment on the site. Even negative comments I like best. Direct 480X270 download Normal Resolution HERE is the page for High Def, Normal, streaming and low quality.
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