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  1. The set was cinemodded: -The mount was converted in Canon EF (it is a real conversion, no adapter) -Focus rings have been added -77m front has been added
  2. Really nice set of Rollei Zeiss HFT cine-modded. Some of this lens share glass and structure with the Zeiss-super speed. Selling the whole remaining set for 900 USD or 25mm f 2.8 580USD 135mm f 4 160USD 200mm f 4 200USD
  3. The lens need to be cleaned, overall in good shape price: 1800 Usd obo
  4. looking for a Cooke Speed Panchro 50mm Ser II preferably in arriflex standard mount, If someone have one to sell please send me a message here or on my mail: xilian17@hotmail.it
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