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  1. Phil, thank you so much for this excellent answer. There was a rental house in the US auctioning off old surplus equipment. In that group they had a small batch of digiprimes (almost all of the focal lengths). Ultimately, they sold off for about an average of $450 + 20% auctioneer premium + 8% sales tax + shipping. In the end, I didn't pull the trigger. After reading your reply...I'm -almost- regretting that decision. Why? I think I am reading your reply correctly that the UMP 12K windows down to a Super 16 size that yields 4K res. Is that accurate? I had, in fact, been looking at BMD's solutions for B4 3-chip lenses and they certainly offered the best (least expensive) kind of integration with camera (versus bulky, expensive, bespoke attachment between lens and camera). All that said, it is still placing inferior glass behind superb optics. I'll stick with my less-varied (and less wide) set of converted C/Y Zeiss and remain richer and still very happy (and, yes, often with a piece of inferior glasss between camera and lens via Speed Booster). But, oh those Digiprimes...
  2. Greetings and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this august group of folks. I've been a reader for a long time, now I can post. And, here's my first. The Zeiss Digiprimes are amazing lenses. But, being designed for 2/3" 3 chippers, they are hamstrung. I have no real interest in trying to find an old F23 to use with them. Instead, I'm curious about people's experiences using them on larger single sensor cameras. There are several adaptors available that supposedly correct for the old 3 chip offset while enlarging the image circle. I know of three that are available...the IBE adaptor, the Abakas adaptor, and the Blackmagic adaptor. The BM adaptor relegates the user to a max rez of 2K. I would be interested in what people's impressions are of shooting 2K for narrative work on a Blackmagic. Anyone? The only YouTubes I can find are a few that show the use of ENG zooms high, to my eye, look pretty bad. I've got to believe that a Zeiss, forcibly stopped down, zoomed in with someone else's glass might still look pretty damn good even in something like 4K. I'd also like to hear feedback about the other adaptors if there is any here to be had. I'm pretty invested in Panny m43 but certainly could consider adding a new body to use with this glass. It just seems a terrible shame that these beats of glass mastery are forced to languish in the dustbin of history. But, once something gets stuck between them and the sensor does all of that go away? Anyone have direct experience using the Digis in this way? Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing your knowledge. JK
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