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  1. If its about grain, Kodak 500T is great. It's even better than 250D. I shoot a short film in the Basque Country on january 2010. We used both stocks (250D & 500T) and 500T looks better in postproduction. Even Kodak say 250D it's not so good. Don't worry about grain. It's not problem at all, with DI or optical postproduction process. 200T could be and option, but if you are looking for best prices, I think you don't have the biggest budget, so you will be working without a trailer full of HMI's an 20K's... so, 500T its better, even outside, with daylight. And you don't have to use 85 filter. Just remember do your color cards in every roll. Good Luck!
  2. Rodrigo. Did you ever watch THE FOLLOWING? It's the first Christopher Nolan's film and was made with a BOLEX and in weekends. Take things step by step. We don't know. Maybe one day you will be shooting BATMAN...
  3. I was thinking what cam is better to make B&W in SD: 3CCD or 1CCD camcorder? Thanks.
  4. I would like to know some opinios about the "best film schools" around the world. In my personal opinion, London have two of the best schools that I've seen, because their programs, resourses and teachers. The London Film School, has 50 years preparing filmmakers. The other one, the National Film And Television School, has very specific programs to study exactly what you want. There are many schools, like La Femis in France, San Antonio de los Baños in Cuba, CCC in Mexico, a lot in Los Angeles and New York or in Poland... Please, post comments about the schools that you know. Thanks.
  5. I'm a young director who is in preproduction process of his second short. I know that i can use daylight with tungsten film, or some 1/2 C.T.B. filters... and to use the ENR (or Silver Retain) process to have more contrast. Well, the exatly look that i want to reach in my film, is the look in the first part of the Sigur Ros video "Glosoli". I hope somebody can help me here... Thanks Ernesto Martínez Bucio p.d. i've been attached some pictures that can explain better than me the exatly "blue look" that i want in my movie. thanks for your help. and... sorry for my english...
  6. There are many options in France to study cinematography. EICAR, CLCF, etc. But i don't know what is the best option, or the better school, or the more aclammed... However, i would like to have some opinions... Thanks Ernesto Martínez Bucio
  7. 1. RANK one light 2. Editing in MiniDV 3. Cut the negative 4. 2nd. RANK with color correction with transfer to HDTV 5. DATA TO FILM (HDTV to 35mm) is that correct? is the best process and the less expensive? thanks Ernesto Martínez Bucio
  8. Hi, i'm new in this as you see. i will be glad to know what filters can i use to have a cold photo with blue or green color and what kind of material is better to have this colors in my short film. i knew that fuji is better, but i'm not sure... thanks
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