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  1. Hello! Firstly,I would like tho appologise for my bad spelling, since english is not my native language. I am planning to do my first project on s16mm film in near future. Since it would be my first experience shooting motion picture film, i have been scouting the depths of the internet for tips, and i often come across a recomendation to overexpose by 1-2 stops, to bring out the detail in the shadows, since negative film can retain highlights much better. So i would like some other professional opinions on this. Is this a common practise? What is the lattitude of motion picture film (Kodak 500T for example). One dp friend that i know told me that its safe to assume that film wil retain information within 3 stops of overexposure, and 2 srops of underexposure. Any opinions on this?
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