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  1. Xl-1?s On Screen function. My Canon XL-1 has 2 maybe 3 video outs as follows: 1) Analog video out at an RCA female. 2) Analog video out at a S-Video 3) Digital out at firewire 1394 socket. I use the RCA and S-Video outs. I can use the ?On Screen? button on the remote to switch camera screen info on and off for these outs. Nice. This lets me monitor the camera and tape progress while watching a smaller video monitor. Nice. Here?s my issue. The ?On Screen? button on the remote switches the info on and off for both the RCA and for the S-Video outs. I want to switch these outs one at a time. I would use one out for a stand along deck (don?t want no stinking screen data for the second deck) and one out for convenient monitoring the camera and tape. The second deck would serve as a safety backup deck. Now on to the 3rd out type; the firewire socket. I can?t get my Canon XL-1 firewire out to work. Yes, I am not using the ?Canon? brand connection cord like the XL-1 manual instructs me to use, but I can?t imagine that brand really matters. So, let?s say that someday I do get the firewire port to work. Will the Canon firewire port provide a live feed out during tape recording without the On Screen data that the RAC and S-Video outs provide? Thanks for thinking about this. Top of the day to you. John the Video Man
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