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  1. What an incredible, incredible film this is. You all really have no idea. See it as soon as you can.
  2. Thanks Stephen, That link answered all my questions (and gave me a mild headache :) ) Daniel
  3. Hi, I have some P2 questions for you guys who might know. What exactly is the workflow from P2 to editing the footage on a computer? Is there an expensive intermediary device needed? I've heard it can connect to a laptop through the PCMCIA slot. And I've also heard something about using USB 2 slots. Does anyone know? Also, I heard that on the 4GB P2 card you can record about 4 minutes of HD footage at 60i, but 12 minutes at 24p. Is that correct? Is there any reason I would want to use 60i over 24p, if I am a filmmaker looking for a more filmlike image? Thanks, Daniel
  4. Look up ANTANARJUAT: THE FAST RUNNER from a few years ago. I believe it was DV.
  5. Thanks for the knowledgable responses. I will go ahead and shoot this film. Yes, a learning experience indeed!
  6. Here's what happened: I had 400' of Kodak 250 Double X B/W loaded in a magazine, unexposed. I was in a very dim room, almost dark. The magazine lid was opened for maybe a second and a half. Should I bother to shoot this film and process it? Or just trash it? I'd hate to waste all that money. The roll was for a camera test and not for a real project. I'd appreciate some expert opinions. Thanks! Daniel
  7. Hi, I recently purchased an Eclair ACL II w/ an Angenieux 10-150mm T 2.3 lens. I want to convert the camera to S16. Do I need to convert the lens to S16 as well, and how much that would cost if I did. The reason I ask is that I've seen some lenses listed as being usable for both regular 16 and Super 16 and I'm confused. If anyone could help me out I'd be much obliged. Thanks, Daniel
  8. Thanks for all the help guys. This site is awesome.
  9. Pensacola, Florida. Far away from the action :) Any tips?
  10. Maybe someone on here can help me out. I've been making movies for a while now on video, one of which has played film festivals. But now I want to make a film on film (probably 16mm). My question is where and how do go about finding a cinematographer? Also, should I rent a camera myself and hire a cinematographer, or find a cinematographer with his own camera? Thanks, Daniel
  11. If the blue look of Narc was from using a tungsten-balanced stock outdoors without an 85 filter, then couldn't you simulate that with the XL1s by offsetting the white balance? I'm not a cinematographer, so somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I don't know what to do. 35mm is out of question for me. But I want something that will be full quality. I'm thinking about rendering the whole movie as an .avi file (isn't that lossess?) and storing it on an external hard drive. This doesn't seem stable somehow, but its the best I can figure. Tape and DVD don't seem stable at all.
  13. Daniel Stepp

    Digital Master?

    Hi, I shot a feature on MiniDV awhile back, and need to make the best possible digital master for archival. What format is the best for this? Thanks, Daniel
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