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  1. Thank you to everyone who replied. Truly appreciate it.
  2. Hey there, I'm a writer who's been spending time on set more and more recently. Every position on a film or TV production is obviously crucial and I could spend time on all of them, but I specifically want to know what it takes to BE a gaffer and/or a DP and how your experience affects your workload? Not only am I asking for my own personal curiosity but I'm also asking for a project I'm working on. I just want to explore and understand the craft better. So to make things a little simpler, I made this Google Survey that is anonymous and just asks a few questions of gaffers and cinematographers, specifically what it takes to do your jobs, the art of it and passion behind it. Very general. I would be grateful to get two minutes of your time to hit the link below and answer a few questions. Again, it's anonymous so no information needed. Thanks for your help! Google Forms Survey - Gaffers & DPs Evan Martin
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