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  1. Yes I brought it to Sendean, they also advised me to go for a Bolex H16 instead of K3. Regarding the budget, I get stock processing and scanning for about a 100£ altogether for a 100ft and I don’t shoot very often. I always load the film with the plunger on and off just to check if it runs smoothly, I’ll do the same with the loops off. Could you recommend another repair shop in London that might help for a decent price? I’m thinking of getting another quote before attempting anything myself. If worst comes to worst I’ll just look into buying a more reliable model. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi there, I purchased a K3 in March 2021 from a highly rated seller on eBay and shot 5 reels since then. The camera came in great condition and the first 3 reels came back perfectly fine, no light leaks and no scratches. Most of the footage from the 4th reel came back shaky and split, (as you can see on the video below), however some of the last shots on that reel came out fine and stable. I thought it was a matter of me not loading the film properly or the pressure plate not sitting tightly in the camera. I shot the final reel a couple weeks ago and it came back with the same issue, but on the entirety of the footage this time. I am based in London and sent my K3 to a repair shop. They sent me a quote of 708£ (which exceeds my budget) for a full clean and repair, along with this message « The main faults that need repairs are the claw and transport system. Scratching and auto loading cannot be improved if occurs - common fault with this model » . Now I still have the loop formers on my K3 and having done some research, I found that some people had similar issues and that removing the loop formers could solve them.The camera was in perfect working condition and I take great care of it : I checked it before sending it for repairs and found no damage whatsoever. I know that the loop formers operate on a thread mechanism and therefore might not be very reliable. Then again, I'm new to this so looking for any advice! Thanks https://kapwi.ng/c/NpXtAiQXqr https://we.tl/t-bVLvVtNxV3
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