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  1. Sony PVM X2400 $7,800.00 Red DSMC2 EVF (OLED) $2,100.00
  2. What I have! DJI ronin 2 with hard case (works with my red monstro) 2 months old brand new condition. $7200.00 DJI inspire 2 with Xenmuse x7 camera 50mm and 16mm lens. Has cinema dmg and pro res license $8,000.00 Ready Rig GS Stabilizer + ProArm Kit with Case $2,000.00 used with ronin 2 24 mm canon sumire lens $6,200 35mm canon sumire lens $6,200 sony color grading monitor Sony BVM HX310 2 months old $25,000.00 i have more stuff I am parting with but will need to update. Super high end color grading monitors and visual monitors from Sony. all items are excellent condition items located in Fort Worth Texas cell 6824129381
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