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  1. Also looking for a PL mount digital Bolex or Aaton LTR 🙂
  2. Hi all! Looking for a clean ACL2 package, ideally with video tap. Please feel free to comment or DM if you have one available. Many thanks, Nehemiah
  3. In the end, I think I can spend closer to $9k. Hoping I can find a great LTR or XTR with tap for that.
  4. Hi guys. Don’t want to get in the middle of yous, but wondering if you think I can find a good LTR package without tap for $5-6,000?
  5. Copy. I’m not opposed to an LTR, but as I recall, the loops are a little more volatile and strenuous on the film on the LTR mags compared to XTR. I’ve been offered an early XTR package in the budget that I’ve described If you were going to go SR2 vs LTR vs early XTR, what would you choose?
  6. Thanks, Tyler. I think you mean Prods are going for 16-18k, though, no? Regular XTRs should be going for 5-7k without tap, 7-10k with tap. Also, there are S16 SR2s out there, but I’d like something a little better for handheld. Maybe ACLII or a regular XTR (not Plus or Prod) are the best fits
  7. Hi all, Sorry for starting a new thread, but I wanted to clarify the parameters, as they have changed, and I can't seem to edit my post. Looking for a late model XTR, XTR Plus, or Prod package that has been babied (Prod is probably unlikely in my price range, I know). Budget is up to $8k for a complete, working/CLA'd package with at least 2-3 mags, 2-3 full functionality batteries, charger. Bonus if it has any of the following: extension viewfinder, beam splitter optics, HD video tap. With at least beam splitter optics (ideally with HD tap), I'm willing to spend closer to $8k. Otherwise, closer to $6k. I am LA-local, in case you/camera are, too. Please feel free to DM if you're looking to sell, or know of anyone. Many thanks! Nehemiah
  8. Thanks, Dom. You can see the above modification to my budget. Willing to consider a good XTR package for 8k with video tap.
  9. And willing to pay $6-8k for the right XTR package with HD video tap.
  10. Bump! Still looking, especially for a higher serial number XTR
  11. Thanks, Thomas! Have prices bloated recently? I have friends who have bought LTRs (admittedly without video tap) for 1.5-2k. Also, if I’m looking for something closer to this range, is there a different camera you would suggest?
  12. Hi all, Looking for a fully-working package with clean registration and exc. condition in a PL mount (bonus if it has HD video tap/assist). Budget is about $3-6k (closer to 6 only if it has video assist). Feel free to DM or email me at n.strakovsky@gmail.com Thanks! Nehemiah
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